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Before her marriage to José Trinidad Marn, Jenni Rivera was a well-known singer in the Dominican Republic. At first, Jose was unknown to the public and their supporters. When he married Jenni Rivera, he became a worldwide sensation.

After eight years of marriage, the couple decided to call it quits and file for divorce in 1992. Afterward, she married Juan Lopez, a Mexican drug kingpin.

Juan Lopez and Jenni had been close friends for a long time before they chose to tie the knot in 1997. They had two children, but it wasn’t enough to keep them together, and they divorced in 2003.

Jenni Rivera’s Daughter Jacqie Rivera Is Named The CEO Of Company Left By Her Mother

A posthumous CEO of the firms that Jenni Rivera had left behind following her death was Jacqie Rivera. According to reports, Jenni Rivera was reportedly on board a plane that crashed.

How Did Juan Lopez And Jenni Rivera Get Divorced?

There has to be a successor in place for the corporation to continue after her death. As a result, Jenni Rivera’s daughter, now the CEO, was chosen to lead the company.

Jaci stated she was “excited” at the prospect of taking over her mother’s enterprises from her aunt, Rosie, and now herself, “to protect the heritage and the reputation (as well as to grow)” of these two firms that her mother had left in her aunt’s hands.

Even though Jenni Rivera’s other children were rumored to be dissatisfied with the transfer of authority, she came out in the open and stated that there had been no problems in the family. 

Who Is Jenni Rivera?

Her stage name was Dolores “Jennifer” Rivera Saavedra. She was an American singer, songwriter, and philanthropist.

Banda, Mariachi, and Norte were just a few of the genres she worked with. As a well-known actress and top-selling musician, she was frequently profiled by major media outlets such as Fox News, Billboard, and others.

Rosa Saavedra and Pedro Rivera, of Mexican descent, raised her in Long Beach, California, where she was born on July 2, 1969.

Rivera was reared in the Tight Knit with her younger sister and four brothers. The entire family would occasionally gather around the stereo and belt out a song or two.

Lupillo, one of the four brothers, is a well-known Regional Mexican singer. Because of her Mexican ancestry and California upbringing, she is proficient in English and Spanish.

Her family taught her to traditional regional music, such as banda, Nortel, and ranchera, which she learned from them. Straight “A’s” were the norm for her early adolescence, indicating an excellent academic future.

She was doing well in school until she became pregnant at 15. Janney “Chiquis” Marn-Rivera welcomed her first five daughters.

For the sake of her newborn kid, she had to find part-time work. Despite her best efforts, she had to sell CDs at the flea market to provide food for two of her five kids.

She was a valedictorian in school while working in the GED program and graduated as a top student.

It’s typical for a pregnant teen to drop out of school and focus on being a mother while she’s in her teens. My counselors informed me there was no way they would allow me to drop out of school. Over-promised me,” he said.

She was married to José Trinidad Marn, Juan Lopez, and Esteban Loaiza three times. Chiquis Rivera, Jacqie Campos, Michael Marn Rivera, Johnny López, and Jenicka Lopez were among her five children.

How Did Juan Lopez And Jenni Rivera Get Divorced?

Juan Lopez’s infidelity led to Jenni and Juan’s divorce. Despite her five-year marriage to another guy, the actress planned a plan to woo him and win his affection once again. A special episode was when Jenni appeared at Juan’s office, professing to be the same as him and asking for his sweetheart by name.

Despite this, the couple divorced when their children were still in their teens. When Jenni and Jenica divorced, they had a two-year-old son together, Johnny. Juan died of pneumonia in 2007 while incarcerated on narcotics charges.

They were married twice, and both times they ended in divorce. Jenni fled for nine years after being accused of rape; she was apprehended in 2009 after nine years on the run. This woman was condemned to nine years in prison in 2009 after her lawyer accused her of inventing evidence against her clients.

In 1997, she was attacked by men and was later found guilty. She and Lopez reunited after Trino Marin’s arrest, and their daughter Jenica was born as a result.

They split up in 2003. Chiquis was her first child, and she was fifteen when this happened. Esteban Loaiza, a professional baseball player, became her husband in 2010. He died of pneumonia in prison in 2007. After the breakup, the two were apart for a long time.

In 1997, they tied the knot, but divorce proceedings ensued shortly after that. The couple agreed upon Co-parenting. Sadly, Juan was killed in prison in 2007 after he was arrested for drug trafficking. For the sake of their two young girls, the couple opted to remain together despite the awful circumstances.

Fortunately, they found love again in 2010 and welcomed a daughter named Jenica due to their second marriage. Don’t worry if you’re wondering why Jenni Rivera and her husband split up! She’s still very much the mother figure in the relationship.

How Did Juan Lopez And Jenni Rivera Get Divorced?

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They had a rocky marriage. Both of them had a history of adultery. Jenni and Juan Lopez tied the knot in 1997 and have two children. They had two children together. They divorced in 2003. Six years later, we had our first set of children. They divorced in 2010.

A plane crash claimed their lives tragically, as did another one. They’d been dating for just over a year when they got engaged. They eventually divorced but remained close friends and had a daughter together after the divorce was finalized. Eventually, they divorced.

Jenni and Juan remarried in 2007 following their divorce. Jenni and her spouse have had two children throughout their marriage: Jenica and Johnny Angelo. After only one year of marriage, they called it quits. Her daughter, Jenica, was in charge of her mother’s business. She was arrested for smuggling illegal immigrants during their divorce.

Juan Lopez and Jenni Rivera were married in 1997 after they met in 1995. In 1998, she married Juan Loaiza, a man she had previously married. They became parents to two children.

In the same year, Jenni married Jose Trinidad Marin, the father of her following two children. His second marriage ended when he was condemned to prison for drug selling. Michael and Jackie owe their existence to Jennifer, their biological father.

Jenni and Juan Lopez remarried in 2003 after their divorce. They had two children in 2007 and then split up. In 2008, Juan was jailed for drug trafficking, and the couple was forced to part ways. Esteban Loaiza was born in July of this year. In addition, they had a child together. They divorced in October 2012 after a year of marriage. If you’re looking for out how tall Ranboo is, this is the site to visit.

Jenni gave birth to three children after their divorce. Chiquis was the first child she had when she was barely fifteen. She had two additional children with her second husband, Jose Trinidad Marin. She gave birth to two children in 1997: Jenica, a daughter, and Johnny Angelo, a son.

Joanna was born to the couple during their marriage. After their divorce in 2003, they had children.

How Did Jenni Rivera Become A Musician?

Despite having a passion for music while a California State University, Long Beach student, she never considered pursuing it professionally. She went on to earn a degree in business administration after graduating.

Her first job out of college was in real estate, and she then moved on to work for her father’s record company. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, her father worked as a bartender and businessman, creating the Cintas Acuario record label.

Jenni Rivera’s Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Jenni Rivera was above $7 million. Music was where she made the bulk of her money.

She was hailed as the best-selling music artist in the New York Times and on Fox News. It would sell out in a week or two when she released a new album in the late 1990s.

The companies who have worked with her in the past have all had positive things to say about her work.

How Did Jenni Rivera Die?

There was an enormous following for Jenni Rivera. Everyone in the audience was mesmerized by her voice as soon as she took the stage and began belting out her captivating tunes.

Jenni Rivera, a well-known singer, and songwriter was found dead in a plane crash on December 9, 2012, shocking the world.

Many people took to social media to show support for their family and her.

Who Is Juan Lopez?

This is Juan Manuel López Pardo, a Mexican drug trafficker, spouse, and friend of Jenni Rivera. March 17, 1972, was his birth date, and he died on July 14, 2009.

When he was 25, he married Jenni Rivera, and they had their first child, Jenica. The second time around, he had a daughter with Jenni named Johnny. He was 28 years old at the time. In 2003, the couple divorced.

How Did Juan Lopez Die?

Jennifer’s second spouse was Juan Lopez. Before they split, the couple had two children.

As time passed, Juan became associated with several drug trafficking gangs. When he tried to sell narcotics, an error in judgment led to his arrest by the police.

Due to drug dealing and drug usage, he was charged with various criminal offenses. In 2009, he was imprisoned when he had a series of Pneumonia bouts. It grew so bad that his body couldn’t take it any longer, and he died in prison.


Is Juan Lopez, Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband, still alive?

Juan López was in jail for six months when Jenni and Juan were dating, accused of undocumented smuggling immigrants. Despite this, Jenni married Juan. After their divorce, Juan was convicted of drug trafficking charges and died in prison.

Juan Lopez proposed to Jenni when she was how old.

Juan proposed to Jenni at the age of 27. When Jenica was born, Jenni was 28 years old.

Jenni Rivera’s money went to whom in her will?

Her sister, Rosie, would assume responsibility for her many business and music interests, as well as the care of Rivera’s two young children, who were fathered by Rivera’s second husband (who died in 2009), according to the “letter” she left behind.