New Year’s celebrations are prohibited in Pakistan out of solidarity with the Palestinian people.


Reported that caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar stated on Thursday that the government of Pakistan had outright prohibited all New Year’s celebrations in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians in light of the dire situation in Palestine. New Year’s celebrations are prohibited in Pakistan out of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Additionally, he implored the wider populace to observe simplicity at the start of the New Year and demonstrate solidarity with the oppressed people of Gaza.

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He expressed profound sorrow on behalf of the Muslim Ummah and the entire Pakistani nation in a special televised message regarding the genocide of innocent Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, as well as the massacre of oppressed Palestinians, particularly innocent children.

“Attributable to the brutality of Israeli forces, over 21,000 innocent Palestinians have been martyred since October 7, 2023,” the prime minister stated. “Among them, a significant number of innocent children, estimated to be around 9,000, have perished.”

He stated that Pakistan had advocated for the oppressed Palestinians in every international forum to put an end to the Israeli slaughter and that it would continue to do so in the future.

Prime Minister Kakar noted that Pakistan had already dispatched two consignments of humanitarian supplies to assist its Palestinian compatriots, with the third consignment scheduled to be delivered shortly.

Furthermore, he stated that the Pakistani government maintained close ties with Egypt and Jordan to ensure that the injured were promptly evacuated from Gaza and treated, as well as to assist the Palestinians.

The prime minister supplicated to Allah Almighty that the dawn of the new year would be accompanied by a message of harmony, peace, and prosperity for Pakistan and the world.