Paris Hilton claims that her daughter London astonished her family.


Paris Hilton, an American socialite, disclosed that she astonished her family on Thanksgiving by bringing home her newborn daughter, London. Paris Hilton claims that her daughter London astonished her family. 

She stated that her family learned about her second infant before Thanksgiving dinner when she physically introduced them to them. Thanksgiving for me was phenomenal. “Of course, I surprised the entire family with London at that moment,” she explained during an appearance on “Live with Kelly and Mark.”

At precisely 5:00 p.m., she recalled gathering her family in the living room and informing them of an unexpected arrival.

“Everyone anticipated the arrival of a magician,” she declared. “For example, a performer is approaching. Consequently, everyone is thrilled.” She continued, “When I entered the room, I was carrying a baby in a pink blanket, and everyone was sitting there like, ‘What?!'”

She stated in another interview that the delivery of her daughter has made her feel whole. “I am ecstatic to announce the arrival of our little princess!” she exclaimed to People magazine. She added, “Having a baby boy and now a baby girl makes me feel like my life is finally complete.”

In January of this year, Paris Hilton, who wed Carter Reum in November 2021, delivered their first child, a son named Pheonix.