Putin calls for strong response to external destabilization.


Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, demanded a “severe” response on Wednesday to foreign agents who support Ukraine to destabilize the country. Putin calls for strong response to external destabilization.

Putin stated in a video address, “The Kyiv regime, with the direct support of foreign special services, has adopted terrorist methods, which are essentially state terrorism.”

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“These are attacks against civilians and representatives of authority, as well as acts of sabotage against transportation and energy infrastructure and civilian sites,” he explained.

There have been multiple reports of drone attacks and sabotage on Russian railroads that have been ascribed to Ukraine ever since February 2022, when Moscow initiated its offensive in Ukraine.

Putin stated on Security Agency Workers’ day, “Efforts by foreign special agents to destabilize the political and social situation in Russia must be halted immediately.”

The mission of security services is not simple. “However, you possess every conceivable potentiality to safeguard the security of our citizens, society, and the state.”