Retail Chain Faces $41.6 Million Fine Over Discovery of Over 1,200 Mice and Dead Birds in Distribution Center


If you’re a regular Family Dollar customer, you may want to prepare for this disturbing news, although it’s important to know.

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Reports show that the chain paid more than $41.6 million in damages related to the warehouse it operates in Arkansas, a less-than-clean facility.

How bad is the situation?

It is described as truly scary. More than 1,200 dead mice were found after the spraying, and investigators found evidence of feces, urine, and dead birds in the area. As a result of the findings, Family Dollar was forced to close its stores in several states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee, to replace products from contaminated sites, which reportedly included animal and human foods.
< Dollar Tree’s Family Dollar pharmacy eventually faced charges including “violation of mishandling FDA-regulated products by placing them in a dirty location,” according to USA Today.

$41.6 million was reached within the scope of the proposed contract.

U.S. Attorney Jonathan D. Ross said, “Consumers expect the products they purchase from stores like Family Dollar to be safe.” “It is deeply troubling that Family Dollar is aware of the rodent and pest problem at its Arkansas delivery center but continues to deliver substandard and unhealthy products.”