Samsung’s Included S Pen Takes the Spotlight in Light of Apple’s Latest Pencil Release


Apple’s recent announcement has been eagerly awaited by many, with rumors of new iPads rife. However, the big reveal of the tech giant turned out to be the new Apple Pencil, a stylus designed for use with iPads, primarily for writing and drawing. Although this addition introduced a USB Type-C charging port, a long-requested feature, it also saw the removal of some features present in previous Apple Pencils. This move got me thinking about the underappreciated and underappreciated nature of the Samsung S Pen stylus, which comes as an accessory that comes with all compatible tablets.

The newly revealed Apple Pencil isn’t even included in the most expensive iPad models; it’s a $79 add-on purchase, making it the most affordable Apple Pencil available. The previous Apple Pencils, 1st generation, and 2nd generation, are priced at $99 and $129, respectively. While the Type-C charging port is a welcome addition, the removal of pressure sensitivity is a significant drawback, a feature retained in the 1st and 2nd generation Apple Pencils.

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In stark contrast, Samsung ships the S Pen stylus with all of its Galaxy Tab devices compatible with the accessory. Even if you need to buy a replacement separately (in case of loss or damage), it’s reasonably priced at just $50 ($60 for premium tablets). That’s at least $20 cheaper than the cheapest Apple Pencil. Even other Android tablet manufacturers like OnePlus and Xiaomi don’t include a stylus with their devices.

Additionally, the basic Apple Pencil lacks pressure sensitivity, a standard feature of all S Pens that accompany Samsung tablets. While pressure sensitivity may not be key for everyone, it is a valuable tool for artists and creatives, allowing them to draw, sketch, and paint with precision. Samsung offers users the pre-installed Samsung Notes app for note-taking and drawing, or their free PENUP app for improving drawing and sketching skills.

Even the affordable $450 Galaxy Tab S9 FE features an S Pen that boasts high accuracy, tilt sensitivity, pressure sensitivity, a dedicated tool switch button, and IP68 dust and water resistance. It even magnetically attaches to the tablet for easy access and charging, a feature the new Apple Pencil lacks. Despite its array of features, Samsung includes the S Pen as a bundled accessory with its tablets, a fact that doesn’t get the recognition it truly deserves.

If you’re curious to see how the S Pen stacks up against the recently launched Galaxy Tab S9 FE, be sure to check out our comprehensive video below to witness its capabilities in action.