Scientist confesses chorizo was space telescope image


Scientist confesses chorizo was space telescope image, After tweeting a snapshot of a piece of chorizo and saying it was an image of a faraway star captured by the James Webb Space Telescope, a scientist from France has since issued an apology for his mistake.

Last Monday, the well-known French scientist and director of France’s Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, Etienne Klein, posted a picture of spicy Spanish sausage to Twitter and praised the “depth of detail” it gave.

“Image of Proxima Centauri, the star that is the closest to the sun and is approximately 4.2 light years away from us here on Earth. The James Webb Space Telescope was responsible for the capture of this image. This level of detail… Every day brings about the discovery of a new world, “Sunday, he shared the information with more than 91,000 of his followers.

The post was shared by thousands of users, all of whom believed the scientist’s assertions after reading their comments and retweets.

Despite appearances, there was more going on than met the eye.

Later, in a series of follow-up tweets, Klein revealed that the image in question was, in fact, a close-up photograph of a slice of chorizo that had been taken against a black background.

“At the time of the day when cocktails are served, the cognitive bias appears to find plenty to enjoy… Watch out for it. According to the most recent findings in the field of cosmology, nothing related to Spanish charcuterie can be found anywhere else besides on Earth.”

After receiving criticism from members of the online community due to the hoax, he published the following article: “As a result of the remarks that have been made, I feel the need to clarify that the tweet that appeared to display a photo of Proxima Centauri was actually a joke. Let’s make it a point to learn to be skeptical of arguments made by people in authoritative positions just as much as the spontaneous eloquence of some images.”

Klein issued an apology for the fake on Wednesday and stated that his purpose was “to recommend caution with visuals that seem to speak for themselves.”

In an effort to make amends, he released a picture of the breathtaking Cartwheel galaxy on his social media account and assured his followers that this time the snap was authentic.

On July 12, officially beginning scientific operations was the James Webb Orbit Telescope, which is the most powerful telescope that has ever been sent into space. By observing them through infrared light, which is not visible to the human eye, it will be able to peer inside the atmospheres of exoplanets and observe some of the first galaxies created after the universe began. This will allow it to observe some of the first galaxies created after the beginning of the universe.