Sony Trials PC Compatibility for PSVR 2


Sony announced that they are currently testing the compatibility of the PlayStation VR2 headset with PC gaming platforms. Originally designed specifically for PS5, this move opens up new possibilities for VR enthusiasts who prefer to play on the PC platform.

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In a recent blog post, Sony said: “We are pleased to announce that we are currently testing the ability of PS VR2 players to access other PC games to deliver more games from PS VR2. The games are already available. We are pleased to announce this support in 2024.” We hope to receive it in 2020, so stay tuned for further updates.”

This development marks a significant change from Sony’s previous approach. Questions about PC compatibility have previously been met with vague answers; Sony had said that PSVR2 was designed specifically for use with the PS5 console. However, the community’s interest in using headphones on PC failed as modders attempted to reverse engineer the device for compatibility.

While details on which games will be available on PC are still unclear, the possibility of expanding VR experiences through the PS5 ecosystem is promising. Sony’s decision to explore PC compatibility for PlayStation VR2 is a promise for greater reach and diversity in the world of virtual games.