Testing an ad-free subscription on Snapchat


Snapchat has begun experimenting with a paid subscription plan without advertisements in Australia. The recently introduced Snapchat+ tier grants users uninterrupted access to the platform from Story or Lens advertisements for a monthly fee of $10.50. Testing an ad-free subscription on Snapchat.

Nevertheless, the application informs users that sponsored locations or My AI responses may persist.

The reason we care: The rise in popularity of ad-free subscriptions can significantly affect the reach of advertisements on Snapchat, which could affect the efficacy of campaigns and the return on investment for advertisers. Nevertheless, given the considerable financial gain derived from advertisements on Snapchat, it is doubtful that the platform would voluntarily permit any adverse effects on its advertising ecosystem.

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There are Snapchat+ categories.

Below is an inventory of the diverse subscription plans available in Australia. It is crucial to acknowledge that ad-free programs have not yet been extensively implemented:

Monthly plan: Users can access a version of Snapchat that supports all ad formats for $3.91 per month or $46.97 annually.

Users who sign up for a 12-month subscription pay a monthly fee of $2.73 to access the Snapchat platform, which supports all ad formats. This equates to an annual cost of $32.67.

Ad-free monthly plan: Users can access a version of Snapchat that is mainly devoid of advertisements for $10.50 per month. Subscriptions to Snapchat+ are cancellable at any time through the app store.

Only the Australian market. Currently, testing the ad-free Snapchat+ subscription plan is limited to Australia. The potential availability of the new tier to American consumers is still being determined, considering the platform’s heavy dependence on advertising revenue generated in the United States.

At first glance. Prescient of the emergence of the Snapchat+ tier was Jonah Manzano, a social media consultant. He uploaded a screenshot of the new product to Instagram and shared it with his followers:

Manzano responded as follows when asked why he believed the strategy was being evaluated in Australia before its possible expansion into other markets:

“The notion that Australia receives new features before other countries may be attributed to social media companies selecting the nation for preliminary testing because of its technologically advanced infrastructure and diverse user base.”

“The strategic decision is not exclusively predicated on legal or regulatory considerations; rather, it is impacted by user engagement and feedback.”