The earthquake toppled 144 people in China.


On Friday, authorities reported that the mortality toll from the magnitude 6.2 earthquake that struck China on Monday night had risen to 144.

The earthquake toppled 144 people in China. On Monday, a municipality in the Jishishan autonomous county of Gansu, approximately 63 miles (101 kilometers) from the provincial capital Lanzhou, was the epicenter of the earthquake that struck China.

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It also afflicted neighboring Qinghai province, where the death toll rose to 31 on Friday, in addition to the 113 residents of Gansu who perished, according to provincial officials cited by China’s public broadcaster CGTN.

All 31 fatalities were documented within the city of Haidong.

Authorities relocated thousands of individuals to safer locations, primarily in Gansu, in response to the extreme cold.

Tents and temporary accommodations have been erected for those affected by the earthquake in Zhongchuan township, which is located approximately 15 kilometers (9 miles) from the epicenter.

Water and power supplies in the region were significantly disrupted by the most devastating earthquake to strike China since 2014. However, these services have been largely reinstated as of Friday.