The founder of YULIA NIKULINA BEAUTY & MEDICAL, Yulia Nikulina shares her plans to conquer the market of Dubai and talks about the most innovative technologies in the field of hardware medicine and cosmetology


Last month, a new clinic was opened by Yulia Nikulina not far from the Opera House in Ukrainian Odesa. Yulia Nikulina is a well–known cosmetologist in Ukraine and abroad. She owns the largest center of hardware medicine and cosmetology in the south of Ukraine called YULIA NIKULINA BEAUTY & MEDICAL. In her new interview for UA.NEWS, Yulia Nikulina shared her ideas about the opening and development of a network of clinics, unique devices, and novelties, as well as her plans to conquer the market in the East as the founder of the clinic and a seasoned cosmetologist.

According to Yulia Nikulina, the comfort of her customers is one of the most important factors. We provide all key elements to create a comfortable space in one location: Large and comfortable cosmetology rooms, the widest range of the most modern devices, perfect treatment rooms, and a spacious beauty zone. We personally tested all brands of original certified equipment and cosmeceuticals that can be found in the YULIA NIKULINA BEAUTY & MEDICAL clinic ourselves. Our new clinic offers our customers a list of comprehensive and efficient rituals and products, which were personally tested by the management of the clinic.

“One of our latest acquisitions is the Korean Hollywood Spectra device. I have to notice that you can only find it in our clinic in Ukraine as of today. This laser equipment is truly unique and solves a lot of cosmetic issues with the skin.

Such things as various inflammations of the vascular network, pigmented lesions, sagging skin, tattoos, enlarged pores, and various skin defects can be solved. Such procedures as lifting, peeling, rejuvenation, the Hollywood glow effect, and a wide range of aesthetic and clinical issues can be solved with the help of this new-generation nanosecond laser, which has no equal on the market.

It is worth noting that such a unique list of services and devices offered in Ukraine are the unique features of the clinic by Yulia Nikulina. When you visit the clinic, you will find new technologies and the latest developments in the field of cosmetology. Interestingly, all devices, procedures, and treatment courses can be found in two locations in Odessa. All you have to do is to choose a location that suits you best,” says YULIA NIKULINA BEAUTY & MEDICAL clinic founder and cosmetologist Yulia Nikulina.

Yulia Nikulina also noticed that she had participated in two cosmetology exhibitions, which were held in Paris and Monaco. She did her best to make sure that the most modern devices for rejuvenation, remodeling of the face, and body can be found at the YULIA NIKULINA BEAUTY & MEDICAL clinic.
“As of today, we are preparing a surprise for our Odessa guests. We have already ordered equipment at the Monaco exhibition and are waiting for it to arrive in Odessa very soon. It will be another case of offering a truly unique device in Ukraine,” says Yulia Nikulina about the pleasant surprise.

According to her, the secret of success is simple: You need to strive for the better all the time without standing still while constantly developing and loving your business.

She also assures the audience that she is not going to stop. She plans to develop her business both in Ukraine and on the international level.

“We have already purchased premises for the opening of a clinic in Dubai. Now I am solving all the paperwork issues, as well as doing repairs and completing other formalities.  The war created a very strong impact and forced us to enter the international level,” says Yulia Nikulina.

According to her, the clinic is able to offer such an ultimate experience thanks to her personal control and effective management. She highlights the uniqueness and high quality of the clinic, which allow it to justify the trust of the customers and create a truly loyal audience.

We would like to remind you that last year, Ukrainian premium Yulia Nikulina Beauty & Medical and Leo Beauty Club beauty brands decided to reach the international level. To make it, they joined forces and decided to open a new Leo Beauty Club studio in Warsaw.