The Houthis attest to the assault on a ship destined for Karachi.


On Tuesday, the Houthi militia, which Iran supports, claimed credit for a missile strike on a container ship that was headed to Karachi in the Red Sea. The Houthis attest to the assault on a ship destined for Karachi. Additionally, they claimed responsibility for an attempt to attack Israel using drones.

As a result of the attack on its ship, the United VIII, which was traveling from Saudi Arabia to Pakistan, the Italian shipping company MSC Mediterranean Shipping said that none of its crew members were hurt. The report stated that the ship had communicated to a neighboring warship led by the United States that it had come under assault and had conducted evasive maneuvers on its own.

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Israel reported that its aircraft had successfully hit an enemy aerial target in the region surrounding the Red Sea.

Yahya Sarea, a spokesman for the Houthi military, stated in a televised presentation that the organization had targeted the vessel, which he named the MSC United since the crew did not respond to the warnings that were given to them.

In addition to this, he stated that the Houthis had carried out a military campaign that targeted Eilat as well as other municipalities in Israel. There was no mention of whether or not he successfully hit any of the targets.

To show their support for Palestinians in Gaza, the Houthis, who control a significant portion of Yemen, including the capital, have been attacking commercial vessels in the Red Sea since October. They claim that these vessels have connections to Israel or are sailing to Israel.

In the past, the United Kingdom Marine Trade Operations Authority recorded two separate incidences of explosions in the Red Sea, off the coast of Yemen. These explosions were caused by missiles and drones that were near other vessels. It also stated that no injuries were reported.

Exactly one week after the United States declared a global maritime security strategy in the Red Sea in response to attacks on vessels carried out by Houthis, the occurrences that have been reported have finally taken place.

In reaction to the attacks, several shipping companies have ceased operations through the waterway that runs through the Red Sea. Instead, they have chosen to travel around Africa, a more lengthy route.