Trino Marin: Biography, Age, Family, Career, And Net Worth


Jenni Rivera’s first husband was a man by the name of José Marn, who was also known as Trino Marin Marn. Dolores Saavedra is the person who performed under the stage name Jenni Rivera, but she is more often known by her birth name, Dolores Saavedra.

Who Is Jose Marin (Trino Marin)

The real name of Jose Trinidad Marin is Trino Marin, although he goes by Trino Marin. He entered this world on February 15, 1964, in the state of California, in the United States of America.

Prior to the wedding, the name Jenni Rivera’s then-fiancé, Jose Trinidad, was almost unknown across society. Trino Marin draws a lot of attention to his genuine name.

Trino Marin: Interesting Facts That You Should Know

Jose is a member of a Christian family and asserts that he has a shared legacy. Due to the fact that she is talented in acting, songwriting, and singing, Jenni has become a well-known name in the media.

The couple made the decision to lead a secretive lifestyle. As a consequence, there is hardly any information about the pair that can be found on the internet. When Jenni Rivera was still a young child, Jose Trinidad met her for the first time when they were both students in secondary school.

The majority of Jose Trinidad Marin’s income came from the expert professionals that he had cultivated. Prior to getting married to Jenni Rivera, Trino Marin worked as a supervisor in a Mexican-American restaurant. Jenni Rivera was his bride-to-be.

Jose hails all the way from Mexico. He is said to be of American and Mexican ancestry. Before permanently relocating to the United States, Trino Marin’s parents raised him in Mexico during his formative years. At this point, the particular planning that will be involved in his migration to the United States is unknown.

Jose Trinidad Early Life 

According to the introduction that José provided to the global declaration, José will reach the age of 58 years old in February of 2022. The individual possesses a refined appearance as well as a robust build.

José, whose astrological sign is Aquarius, is not only of a mixed identity but also has a mixed basis for his identification. He has a height of 5 feet 9 inches, a weight of 67 kilograms, and a build that appears to be muscular.

Aside from that, he is an ardent follower of Christ and a committed adherent to the teachings of the Christian religion.

There is very little information available about Trinidad’s parents, which makes it difficult to draw any conclusions about his family. However, he does have a family, each member of which has a personality that has not yet been identified. In the years that he spent in high school, Jenni was his first love.

Their marriage came to an end as a direct result of José’s unjustified treatment of his wife, Jenni. She was just 15 years old when she became pregnant with the first of her five children, Janney “Chiquis,” in 1985.

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She was pregnant with her first child while she was still enrolled in secondary school. Marn was just as controlling and repressive toward his former sister-in-law as he was toward his own children.

In response to the family’s cries for justice, José was apprehended and sentenced to prison for the horrific abuse he had inflicted on his relatives.

When José was only 20 years old, he tied the knot with Jenni Rivera. Both Michael and Chiquis are relatively young people who entered the world in the year 2000.

However, in 1992, after Marn had been apprehended and was being held responsible for the crime, they were forced to go in separate directions. Because of Jose’s physical and emotional assault on Jenni, he was given a sentence of 31 years in prison for the crime. There is currently no information available concerning Marn’s new wife, and this will remain the case until further notice.

José was the head of a Mexican-American cafe. Going out with friends is something he values just as highly as listening to music. The vast majority of his income comes directly from his own labor.

Trino Marin held a variety of jobs throughout the early stages of his relationship with Jenni when they were just getting to know one another. When he started working as an administrator at a restaurant, he was finally able to receive a salary that was appropriate for him.

While Jenni was at home with their children, he made the suggestion that rather than going to school, she should take care of them at home rather than leaving.

Due to Jenni’s initial doggedness, Trino Marin demonstrated a very resolute demeanor toward his wife throughout the relationship.

Jose Marin Relationship 

According to the encounters that Trino Marin had with her, Trino Marin fell head over heels in love with Jenni Rivera when she was only 15 years of age.

At the age of twenty, Jose Marin Trinidad makes a marriage proposal to Dolores (Jenni), and the couple got married not many months later in 1984.

Trino Marin: Interesting Facts That You Should Know

At the age of 17, Jenni discovered she was pregnant with her first child. Rivera was just in the middle of her secondary education when she gave birth to her first kid. A number of people have three children.

1992 was the year that their marriage ended. Jenni, his sister-in-law, and her children were all victims of Jose’s abusive behavior.

The new wife of Jose Marin Trinidad has not been the subject of any newly discovered information or photographs as of now. Somewhere in Riverside County, he started over with the person who would become his new life partner.

Family, Parents, And Siblings Of Jose Trinidad Marin 

Moving on to Trino Marin’s family, he hails from what sounds like an extremely conscientious and reliable clan. On the other hand, there is absolutely little information on his family to be found anywhere on the internet. When it comes to his information, he is quite discreet.

As a result, we are unaware of the identities of his parents, the manner in which they support a calling, and the specific experiences that they have had.

In a similar vein, talking about other members of the family or relatives is not within the realm of possibility. The fact that he has never acknowledged his relatives casts doubt on whether or not he is the offspring of his sole parent.


Who is the wife of Trino Marin?

Jenni Rivera.

Does José Trinidad Marn still have a spouse?

Jose Trinidad Marin was the first spouse of Jenni Rivera. He rose to fame after getting married to the late singer and songwriter Jenni Rivera.

Jenny and Trino had how many children?

Janney (also known as Chiquis), Jacqie, and Trino Jr. were her three children from her first marriage to Trino Marn (aka Michael).