As the race heats up, Trump is eyeing YET ANOTHER candidate to add to his shortlist of possible vice presidential running mates: Marco Rubio, the most recent candidate, has been called a “little” by the former president


Rather than selecting fewer candidates for vice president, former president Donald Trump is adding more candidates to his list, including the opponent he once mocked as “Little Marco.”

During the 2016 campaign trail, Trump and Florida Senator Marco Rubio traded famous barbs, with Rubio making fun of Trump’s hands and Trump criticizing the 5 foot 9 Rubio for his height.

Rubio has now surfaced as a possible Trump running mate, or at least as someone who is being considered for the growing list, while still leading President Joe Biden in the polls.

It follows a poll by the New York Times and Siena College that found Trump to be 46 points ahead of Joe Biden among those who identify as Hispanic.

Born in Cuba, Rubio is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a member of the establishment wing of the Republican Party. He frequently appears on Sunday talk shows on networks and visits areas of concern. 

According to Trump insiders, the outgoing president has expressed interest in a possible Hispanic running mate.

Veteran Florida operative: “It’s pretty clear from Trump’s orbit that Rubio is in play.” Rubio is reportedly “moving up the list,” according to NBC News.

Rubio has backed US assistance to Ukraine and is typically associated with the internationalist wing of his party. However, he has also advocated for linking it to more robust border defenses and discussed the possibility of a diplomatic resolution with Russia this month.

Then, if a negotiated settlement is going to occur, who will be in a position of power in this situation?

When the time comes for such discussions to take place, I want Ukraine to have as much clout as possible. Will it be Putin or Ukraine?’ he declared.

In the case of Rubio’s national security posts, Rubio has also been mentioned in recent lists of individuals who would play important roles in a prospective second term.

The trio of terms During Trump’s administration, Rubio mostly behaved as a Trump supporter. He supported Trump’s first and second impeachments by voting to exonerate him.

Rubio said in a statement regarding the second impeachment, which took place after January 6, “I voted to acquit former President Trump because I will not allow my anger over the criminal attack of January 6th nor the political intimidation from the left to lead me into supporting a dangerous constitutional precedent.”

The election is concluded. A new Congress has been sworn in, and a new President is in the White House. Allow history to judge the past, and the courts to intervene if needed.

However, the two engaged in notable back-and-forth during the campaign, with Trump constantly disparaging him as “Little Marco” in a contest in which he insulted the majority of his opponents. 

Rubio once brought up past criticism of Trump’s hand size that dates back decades, reportedly infuriating him.

He refers to me as Little Marco all the time. I acknowledge that he is taller than me. Rubio remarked during a campaign stop in Virginia, “I don’t understand why his hands are the size of someone who is 5’2 because he’s like 6’2.” You are aware of the adage regarding males who have little hands? They are untrustworthy.

Trump was then forced to defend his manhood in a debate.

“Do those look like small hands to you?” As he demonstrated them, Trump questioned them. He then said, “If my hands are small, then something else must also be small,” pointing to them.  “I promise there isn’t a problem. I promise,” remarked Trump.

One legal issue that would need to be resolved is that electors cannot vote for the president and vice president who are citizens of the same state under the terms of the Constitution. During his administration, Trump relocated from New York to Florida, which has lower taxes.

When Dick Cheney moved from Texas to Wyoming to run for president in 2000, Republicans managed to get past a similar issue.

As per the Constitution, “The Electors shall meet in their respective states and vote by Ballot for two persons, of whom one at least shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves.”