United Airlines Increases Checked Bag Fee by $5 in Line with American Airlines


United Airlines has decided to adjust baggage fees, joining 2024 other airlines. Cargo fees are a major source of revenue for airlines, generating over $5 billion in the first nine months of 2023 alone.

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As of February 24, transportation fees will increase for reservations for United Economy Class passengers. The initial checked baggage fee at the airport will increase to US$40 and will increase to US$35 if pre-paid online at least 24 hours before your flight. Likewise, the second checked baggage fee at the airport will increase to $50, or $45 if paid in advance. These changes mean a $5 increase for both options.

According to a UK spokesperson, the changes will affect many flights in North America. United previously increased its airport fee for checked bags from $5 to $35 in 2020 and kept the prepaid fee at $30.

But some groups will also be exempt from these fees. This includes certain credit card holders, elite frequent fliers, military personnel, and high-end travelers who can check a white bag, as United confirmed

In a similar move earlier this week, American Airlines also eliminated in-flight checked baggage fees increased. In the previous check, the price of purchasing a bag increased from $30 to $35, the price of the first baggage check at the airport increased to $40, and in the second check, the price of the bag increased from $40 to $45.

Like other companies, airlines are trying to balance profit growth with cost control, including new language studies and similar contracts. The change comes at a time when labor costs are falling across the industry.