A new Samsung trademark is registered for its smart glasses.


Samsung hinted at the development of a Mixed Reality (XR) “experience” in conjunction with Google and Qualcomm earlier this year. It is reportedly an XR headgear in the same fashion as the Apple Vision Pro. However, this is not an official announcement; some speculations suggest that it may be released in limited quantities in late 2024. However, that is not the sole wearable device that the organization is developing.

A new Samsung trademark is registered for its smart glasses. It seems to function on smart eyewear as well. Samsung eyewear might represent the firm’s initial augmented reality smart glasses.

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Additionally, the South Korean company may be developing smart eyewear comparable to Google Glass and Meta Smart Glass. Samsung has successfully filed a trademark application for the name Samsung Glasses.

According to information obtained by UploadVR, the trademark application was submitted to the Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom government on August 21, 2023. Approval of the trademark occurred on November 10, 2023. Samsung’s application documents included the following product categories: augmented reality headsets, headphones, smartphones; smart eyewear; and virtual reality headsets. Applicants are required to specify which product categories they wish to cover.

Although this is a vast array of device categories, AR headsets, VR headsets, and smart eyewear appear to be the most appropriate. Samsung is reportedly developing a mixed-reality headset powered by Google’s Android and featuring a Qualcomm processor. Following an examination of Apple’s Vision Pro, the organization purportedly abandoned its initial design and commenced the development of a more premium device with a price point of approximately $2,000. The cost of the Apple Vision Pro is $3,499.

Recently, Qualcomm confirmed that it is developing a more powerful XR processor than the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 found in the mixed-reality headset Meta Quest 3. Samsung’s forthcoming device may also feature a MicroOLED display with a high refresh rate, manufactured by eMagin, a firm recently acquired by Samsung Display.