iPhone 16 Pro could tackle old battery problem with a new way


According to a fresh leak of the iPhone 16 Pro, Apple is attempting to prevent issues that surfaced following the release of the iPhone 15. It might also result in improved battery technology for phones released the following year.

iPhone 16 Pro could tackle old battery problem with a new way. Some owners of the newest iPhones reported experiencing overheating issues shortly after they were released earlier this fall. Although it appears that some regular iPhones also experienced problems, the problem was mostly focused on the iPhone 15 Pro models. Apple published iOS 17.0.3 in October as a patch after blaming the problem on a software flaw.

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According to recent sources, Apple is investigating ways to enhance heat dispersion in the iPhone 16, as the company would like to prevent this kind of problem from arising with subsequent phone launches.

In order to improve heat dispersion, the iPhone 16 Pro battery may have a frosted metal cover and a redesigned connector, as suggested by images and a tweet uploaded on the social media platform that was formerly known as Twitter by X user Kosutami. The leaker also revealed that the iPhone 15 Pro’s 3274mAh battery has been replaced with a 3355mAh one, according to the post they posted.

Apple has up to now relied on using iPhone batteries with a shiny black foil finish. While there have been some claims suggesting Apple is redesigning the iPhone battery, these stories have mostly focused on the company’s efforts to increase battery longevity rather than disperse heat.

However, switching from Apple’s shiny battery design to a metal one wouldn’t be unheard of. Apple has been using metal casing in its wearables since the Apple Watch Series 7 in order to better distribute heat.

Several people brought attention to the titanium design of the new iPhone 15 when the first complaints of it overheating appeared. In response, Apple stated that titanium dissipates heat more effectively than the stainless steel it employed in earlier versions. with addition to a software defect, Apple stated that a number of third-party apps, such as Instagram and Uber, were taxing the iPhone’s CPU and were causing overheating problems with the iPhone 15 Pro. After the iPhone 15 Pro was released, affected third-party apps updated their firmware.

Apple, on the other hand, has not disclosed any information regarding the improvements it aims to make to the iPhone 16 Pro’s battery life. Furthermore, Apple might decide to take a different approach given that the leaked images display a component that is still in early development. Kosutami promptly pointed out that the battery shown in their post is a prototype, in its “early stage,” and might change at any time.

Nevertheless, Kosutami has a strong track record of foreseeing Apple’s future actions. In fact, the well-known X account claimed earlier in the year that Apple was releasing the Apple Watch FineWoven band, which did really arrive this autumn.

Since Apple, of course, won’t comment on rumors, all we can do is guess as to what the corporation might be up to.