Inflows and oil prices will strengthen the rupee offsetting the dollar’s improvement.


As the dollar recovers against its main peers, the Indian rupee is anticipated to open higher-to-flat on Thursday, with the decline in oil prices and inflows likely offsetting the impact.

Inflows and oil prices will strengthen the rupee offsetting the dollar’s improvement. According to non-deliverable forwards, the rupee will commence the day trading between 83.28 and 83.32 per U.S. dollar, up from 83.32 the previous session.

As a result of dollar inflows associated with initial public offerings and anticipated flows linked to MSCI index changes, the rupee rose to 83.25 on Wednesday.

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Although the rupee may receive some “margin assistance” from inflows and crude, a forex trader at a bank stated that the current movement is “approximately 4-6 paisa.” “Both dips and rallies are difficult to come by currently.”

In Asia, Brent crude traded at $80.55 per barrel after a turbulent session on Wednesday.

Brent reached a low of $78.41 during the New York session following the postponement of a ministerial meeting scheduled to deliberate on oil output limits by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies, which included Russia. The meeting was rescheduled to November 30.

Following a more-than-anticipated decline in initial unemployment claims, the dollar index experienced a modest recovery while U.S. Treasury yields increased. As a result, investors refrained from increasing their bets on a dovish Federal Reserve in the coming year.

DBS Research noted, “U.S. data were not weak enough to influence additional Fed cut wagers into the long Thanksgiving weekend.”

The increase in one-year inflation expectations for the United States to 4.5 percent on Wednesday gave investors an additional incentive to demand a higher yield and bolstered the dollar’s value.