Anne Heche died in a cocaine-fueled crash last week. Brain dead, yet heart kept pumping to save organs.


Anne Heche died in a cocaine-fueled crash last week. Brain dead, yet heart kept pumping to save organs, After slamming her automobile into a house in Los Angeles a week ago, actress Anne Heche was pronounced dead today, a week after the accident.

After being involved in a terrible car accident on August 5, the actress was taken to the Grossman Burn Center at the West Hills hospital, which is located north of Los Angeles, and was placed on life support so that her organs could be removed by medical professionals.

Her family said today that she is now thought to be deceased.

“Today, we said goodbye to a shining star, a gentle and exceptionally joyous spirit, a devoted mother, and a devoted friend.”

“Anne will be sorely missed, but she will continue to be remembered for the lovely lads she raised, the groundbreaking body of work she produced, and the ardent causes she championed.”

Her courage in always standing in her truth and spreading her message of love and acceptance will continue to have a lasting influence due to the fact that she has always done both of these things.

Ellen DeGeneres, who was formerly engaged to Heche but has since broken up with her, expressed her sorrow on Twitter after learning that Heche was not expected to live.

“Today is a very unfortunate day. I am extending all of my love to Anne’s children, as well as her family and friends.’

Heche is on life support, which is keeping her alive for a sufficient amount of time so that her organs can be taken for donation. As a result, Heche’s heart is still pumping.

The collision that took place a week ago left homeowner Lynne Mishele with injuries that were so severe that they led the police to open a felony investigation.

TMZ was told by insiders within the law enforcement community that Heche was under the influence of cocaine when she was driving, but this information has not been verified by a toxicology report that has been made public.