Anne Heche Under Influence of Cocaine At Time of Car Crash


Anne Heche Under Influence of Cocaine At Time of Car Crash, At the time of her terrible vehicle accident on Friday, Anne Heche was reportedly under the influence of cocaine and maybe fentanyl, according to reports.

TMZ was informed by sources within the Los Angeles Police Department on Thursday that the results of the actress’ blood test came back positive for both narcotics.

However, the law enforcement insiders warned that Heche may have been given fentanyl at the hospital to assist manage her pain after the accident. As a result, they will conduct additional testing to ascertain whether or not the fentanyl was present in her system when she crashed.

Despite the fact that a photo taken just before the accident revealed a bottle with a red top in the cupholder of the actress’ car, TMZ reported that she was not under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. The actress is 53 years old.

In addition, the publication referred to her condition as “dire,” stating that after being admitted to the hospital, she “has not improved.”

At the time of the car accident that killed Anne Heche, it is believed that she was under the influence of cocaine and maybe fentanyl.

These comments were mirrored by Heche’s “close friend,” who told the Daily Mail that the actress is “in dreadful condition” and that “the smoke inhalation is life-threatening.”

The buddy expressed their belief that “only God can save her now” and pleaded with others around her to “please pray” for the actress.

Page Six’s request for a statement was not immediately responded to by the LAPD, and a representative for the actress declined to comment on the matter.

After hearing that the woman whose house Heche crashed into claimed she was hurt and required medical aid as a result of the accident, the authorities on Wednesday upgraded their investigation into Heche to a felony DUI case.

We were able to confirm on Monday that the department had obtained a warrant to test the actress’ blood to determine whether or not she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs when she crashed her blue Mini Cooper into the woman’s home in Los Angeles, causing a massive fire. The investigation will determine whether or not the actress was impaired when she caused the fire by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

After some time had passed, her representative informed us that she was “in critical condition.”

According to a statement made by her spokeswoman, “Shortly after the accident, Anne Heche went unconscious and slipped into a coma.”

She has a serious lung injury that requires the use of artificial ventilation, and she has burns that require the involvement of surgical professionals.

It is difficult to tell how much progress the medical community has been able to accomplish.