Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Set for US Release on February 2nd


Apple announced that its Vision Pro integrated headphones will hit the US market on February 2nd, with pre-orders starting at 5 pm Pacific time on January 19th. Priced at $3,499, the headset has become Apple’s most important product since the first iPhone in 2007.

The company announced that the sale of Vision Pro stickers will cost $ 149 and the device will be equipped with 256 GB of storage. Apple shares rose 0.75% in premarket trading.

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After several years of development, the Vision Pro is Apple’s answer to the Meta Quest headset and will be released at WWDC 2023. Apple’s M2 chip and this headset mark the technology’s entry into spatial computing.

Apple's Vision Pro headset to go on sale in US starting Feb 2

Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about the evolution of Vision Pro, saying, “The age of spatial computing has arrived.” This is Apple’s first attempt at a new product since the Apple Watch in 2015. But analysts don’t expect significant revenue generation immediately, with UBS estimating Vision Pro’s revenue at around $1.4 billion and calling it “not beneficial.”

Vision Pro runs on a new operating system called VisionOS and has a new concept that allows users to control the headset using their eyes, hands, and voice. Beyond productivity and creativity products like the Microsoft Office suite and Salesforce Slack, Apple aims to revolutionize the gaming and video user experience.

The device is expected to offer a better experience to users watching Apple content. Apple describes VR screens on TV+ and other platforms as “think about 30 meters wide.” However, due to the $3,499 price tag and the need for power connectivity, early adoption should be limited to affluent consumers and tech enthusiasts.

The launch of Apple Vision Pro will put the company in direct competition with Meta Platforms, continuing a long-running battle over issues such as user privacy and platform management as it is known and developed. As headphones enter the market where many devices are trying to gain competition, Apple’s technology and collaboration with popular apps could enable The Vision Sell Pro to bring about a change in the mixing landscape.