Azziad Nasenya reveals she had planned to move to Germany before becoming famous on TikTok I long for my family.


Azziad Nasenya reveals she had planned to move to Germany before becoming famous on TikTok I long for my family. German relocation for Azziad The attractive woman with the wasp-waisted waistline and media star admitted she misses her European relatives but would prefer to remain in her native Kenya.

Azziad mentioned that she had been in France for a L’Oréal event, where she had interacted with the fashion industry elite.

Azziad revealed her impending move to Germany in an interview with content creator Eve Mungai. “I was scheduled to move after form four, but something happened, and I had to stay. Then in 2020, Covid happened, and you may recall that it was shut down, so then I went viral,” she claimed.

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She stated that another central element was her love of Kenyan cuisine. I am traveling for a week. Therefore, I have a lot of personal considerations, she added, adding that all she wanted was ugali na mbuzi fry.

Wife-hunting Azziad Nasenya is someone Salasya wishes to meet.

According to, Peter Salasya, the MP for Mumias East, requested a meeting with the wasp-waisted Azziad on Wednesday, November 2. “A girl from Luhya country named @AzziadNasenya made the Vaida song famous online. I’m trying to find her. She is a young woman of great inspiration who may represent our county of Kakamega as a brand ambassador, “Salasya published in a tweet.

Salasya made strides against Azziad after Lurambi MP Titus Khamala intensified his attempts to match the man with a bride. The cleric provided the young politician with marriage advice in a video that has gone viral. Khamala invited Salasya to attend services at his church, where he claimed the women behaved themselves. “Nairobi is vile umeingia iko na maneno mengi.

Mimi came a bishop named Nikos, whose toko was named Wasichana Kienyeji. Wamejipaka mdomo kwa sababu hawa. Makucha waimefuga. Unapata makucha is a one-meter-long phrase that means, “Nairobi has so much now that you are here.” I am a bishop, and I have a church where you can find an upcountry wife. The ones in Nairobi have long nails and applied lipstick. nail lengths of one meter), “declared the