Binh Ho Net Worth: Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight


Binh Ho Net Worth: Binh Ho is an investment banker and businessman. He is of Vietnamese and American ancestry. After appearing in the documentary series “House of Ho” on HBO Max, Binh gained widespread recognition.

The life story of a family that was worth multiple millions of dollars was told through the course of the series. The company Lu Investment, Inc. is Binh’s present place of employment. It is anticipated that Binh Ho will have a net worth of approximately $350 million by the year 2022.

Full Name Binh H0
Birth Date 1949
Birth Place Vietnam
Profession Investment Banker
Wife Hue Ho
Net Worth $350 million

Early Life

Binh Ho Net Worth: How Rich is the 'House of Ho' Star Actually?

Binh Ho, an entrepreneur who is worth multiple millions of dollars, was born in Vietnam. In 1975, Binh and his wife Hue made the journey over the ocean to start a new life in the United States. As refugees, they were allowed entry into the United States.

The couple’s first stop was at Fredericksburg, which is located in Texas. They envisioned a bright future for themselves, but they lacked the knowledge necessary to make it a reality. We can only imagine how challenging their early years must have been given that they were unable to communicate in English.

Binh Ho Net Worth and How He Makes Money?

Hue, Binh’s wife, was employed at a Circle K Convenience Store for many years. She was instructed in the English language by a woman who had previously worked as a professor at Schreiner University while she was employed at the business.

To make ends meet in such a large city, Binh also needed to find employment. After some time, he was able to secure his first job, which was working at an Exxon gas station. Working at their respective places of employment did not earn them a substantial salary. However, they were able to make it through life on a minimum salary.

The duo slowly made their way up the stairs by putting in a lot of effort and attention. And as a direct consequence of this, they have now effectively presented themselves as multi-millionaire.

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The prosperous real estate development company that Binh and his wife, Hue, own is in their name. To this day, the company with its headquarters in Texas has participated in a variety of commercial and residential construction projects.

Additionally, Binh and Hue are the owners of a bank. In point of fact, banking and investment make up a significant portion of Binh. Because of this, he has amassed an enormous fortune.

When the life narrative of Binh was revealed in the documentary series “House of Ho,” viewers were given the opportunity to see how successful Binh had become. The first episode of the show aired on December 10, 2020, and it focused on his entire family, including his wife Hue, their children Judy and Washington, his aunt Tina, and his nephew Sammy.

Binh Ho Wife- Hue Ho

The details of Binh Hu’s private life are now available to the public. He has been married to Hue Ho for 66 years at this point in time. Since the beginning of his fight for independence, his wife Hue has stood by his side. And despite this, she still has a firm grip on Binh’s hand.

Both Binh and Hue are parents to both of their children. Their oldest daughter, Judy, has chosen a career in the legal field. She is a single mother of three children and is a divorcee. In a similar vein, the couple is the parents of a young boy named Washington Ho.

Binh Ho Net Worth: How Rich is the 'House of Ho' Star Actually?

When compared to her sister, who is 39 years old, he is only a year younger than she is. The couple’s names are Washington and Lesley Ho. He is a father to four children with her.

Binh Ho Net Worth

As of the year 2022, it is anticipated that Binh Ho’s net worth will be greater than $350 million thanks to the real estate transactions and investment banking work he has done. Due to the fact that Binh is currently operating at the pinnacle of his career, the sum will almost certainly climb over the course of the next few years.


Why did they ho’s become wealthy?

Multimillionaire family patriarch Binh Ho and his wife Hue, who immigrated to the United States from South Vietnam in 1975 without a word of English, created a world of wild extravagance via years of deft real estate and investment bank operations.

How is Sammy’s cousin connected to the HOS?

Sammy, Ho’s older cousin, ends up serving as Washington’s marketing director, assistant, and confidant during the course of the episode.

What profession does the Ho family have?

The new HBO Max streaming reality series “House of Ho” is centered on family. Vietnamese immigrant Binh Ho and his wife Hue Ho arrived in the country 45 years ago.