Corsair Unveils Inaugural Standing Desk Engineered for Gaming, Streaming, and Beyond


Introducing the Corsair Platform:6, an innovative modular standing desk designed to cater to a diverse audience from remote professionals and creative content creators to avid PC gamers. Set to launch in the fourth quarter of this year on Corsair’s official website, pricing details for the table have yet to be released, so enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating its availability along with a range of accompanying accessories.

The versatility of the Platform:6 lies in its many configurations, each fully customizable through an intuitive online configurator. Navigating the difference between standard inclusions and modular upgrades can be a bit tricky due to the range of options. However, Corsair’s press release highlights that the desk will feature dual monitor arms for multi-screen productivity, a thoughtful cable management tray to keep your workspace organized, and an integrated storage box seamlessly equipped with USB Type-A and Type-C. charging ports. Of particular interest is the built-in modular table rail system, cleverly designed to accommodate various table accessories, optimizing workspace and minimizing clutter.

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In addition to these basic offerings, a number of tempting optional features await you. The exclusive “Creator Edition” boasts motorized height adjustment options that allow users to save their preferred height presets. In addition, generous 30 x 70cm side extensions are available to extend the already generous 6ft table width to suit users who require plenty of workspace. For those looking to optimize storage and organization, optional hanging plates are offered to securely hold headphones, game controllers, and a range of other accessories. Corsair also plans to provide adapters compatible with Elgato’s various Multi-Mount accessories to make it easier to connect cameras, lights, and microphones.

The Platform:6 desk seems carefully crafted to meet the distinctive needs of content creators and streamers, a demographic that often struggles with excess equipment. This offering seems to go beyond the capabilities of many existing gaming-oriented desks, which typically emphasize basic features such as cable management, adjustable height settings, and the occasional integrated monitor arm.

An exciting question looms that echoes the sentiment of many enthusiasts, including members of the Verge staff who have invested in full-standing desks in the past: Will Corsair eventually make the innovative Platform:6 rail system available as a standalone accessory? While the prospect of getting a brand-new desk may not be on the horizon for some, the prospect of seamlessly fitting an assortment of work essentials onto a simple shelf is undeniably fascinating. Could Corsair address this interest and provide the coveted rail system as a stand-alone offering? The ball is in your court, Corsair.