Does Pluto TV Have The Cw Channel?


Does Pluto TV Have The Cw Channel? In the year 2020, almost all television programming can be found online. There is a lot of competition among streaming services because so many of them want a piece of the customer base of traditional cable TV. Pluto TV is not an exception to this rule. The fact that Pluto TV is a completely free streaming service that is financed by advertisements and offers hundreds of channels to watch without the need for an account is the primary advantage of using this platform.

Users of streaming TV services want to increase the number of channels available to them and view the content that best suits their interests because of all the advantages these services provide. This article will concentrate on Pluto TV’s channel lists and the various ways in which you may make those lists better.

Does Pluto TV Have The Cw Channel?

There is no method for a user to add a station to their list of favorites on Pluto TV, despite the fact that the platform provides access to a huge number of television channels. Pluto TV does not offer any extra subscription packages that would enable users to access a wider variety of channel choices.

If you go to your Pluto TV on your browser, mobile device, smart TV, or another streaming device, picking the Live TV option will bring you to the channel list. This is true regardless of where you access your Pluto TV. This list is quite extensive, but the only way to narrow it down is by category.

The amount of fresh programming available to view on Pluto TV is enormous, particularly in terms of news stations.

Does Pluto TV Have The Cw Channel?

In this way, Pluto TV is comparable to cable television, although it comes with a predetermined package of channels. You are limited to the channels they offer in their basic package, but you may still access a large number of channels without paying a subscription fee.

How to Add Local Channels to Pluto TV

Pluto TV operates in a manner that is analogous to that of an online cable TV service; however, it only offers a limited selection of regional channels. These can only be received in certain regions and cities, and they are mostly broadcast by local CBS news stations.

If you want to watch local channels, you will have far more success adding them to your Roku TV rather than adding them to your Pluto TV. Local channels have been connected with other live TV channels and services on Roku TVs in the past, but that functionality has since been deleted. Previously, users were able to watch local channels on their Roku TVs.

You will need to make use of a virtual private network (VPN) in order to access local channels on Pluto TV regardless of where you are located. You will be able to trick Pluto TV’s channel guide into supplying you with local channels for the intended region if you use a VPN service because it will allow you to set your location to the region you want it to be in. If those channels do exist.

How to Add Favorite Channels on Pluto TV

Pluto TV does not allow users to add additional channels; however, the channel list does allow for some basic personalization settings to be selected. Simply creating a free account on Pluto TV is all that is required to access these many personalization possibilities.

The following steps need to be taken after you have created an account with Pluto TV and logged in from your device:

  • Go to MyPluto.
  • Select Edit Channels.
  • Click the heart next to the channel you want to set as your favorite.

Utilize the filtering feature when you want to make it easier to look through the extensive channel list. This feature is optional. You are able to make a direct transition to a certain category of live TV channels, such as movies, classic TV, news, or entertainment, at any time. You also have the option of removing the channel from your watch list by clicking on the eye icon that is located next to the channel. If the heart is already colored red, it indicates that the channel has been selected as a favorite. You are unable to add a hidden channel as a favorite or vice versa.

Additional FAQ

Does Pluto TV Offer Any Channels for Adults?

Pluto TV does not include any channels geared toward adults in its channel list, despite the fact that its channel collection is quite extensive. You can see some stuff that is heavy on marijuana on the THC channel, which is also known as channel 420 for obvious reasons. However, we regret to inform you that you will not be able to access any true adult content, and the THC channel itself has transitioned to the Funny AF channel as of late year 2020. We apologize for the disappointment this may cause.

What Brand-New Channels Will Soon Be Available on Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is continually adding new channels to its library in order to appeal to a wider range of viewers. On November 24th, six additional channels featuring classic old television shows will be added to Pluto TV.

These are the following:

  • Happy Days is the name of a new television channel that will air three iconic comedies from the past: Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, and Mork & Mindy.
  • The wing is a repeat of the eponymous television sitcom that airs around the clock.
  • The sitcom Family Ties, which was immensely popular throughout the 1980s, was aired solely on the channel.
  • The Love Boat, a channel dedicated entirely to following the exploits of the crew of the S.S. Pacific Princess as they sail the seven seas.
  • The Beverly Hillbillies, a channel devoted to the television show from the 1960s that members of the more recent generation may not even be aware exists.
  • Mission: Impossible, which will feature the iconic spy thriller from the 1960s and will air all day and night.


Does Pluto TV have ESPN?

Regrettably, Pluto TV does not provide coverage of ESPN programming. Overall, Pluto TV lacks sports channel service, and the sports channels they offer usually repeat older contests.

If you’re seeking live TV broadcasts of forthcoming matches on Pluto TV, we’d recommend you look elsewhere.

How do I personalize the channels that I watch on my Pluto TV?

Pluto TV, alas, does not provide a true opportunity to personalize your channel lineup in any meaningful sense. In practice, the only method to search across channels is to manually navigate through each one in order to determine what is currently being broadcast on each one. You are only able to watch live TV streams, despite the fact that the filtering option makes it possible to browse and search for specific content such as movies and news stories.

If you go to the on-demand section for movies and TV shows, you will find that there are various possibilities for personalization accessible to you. You have the option of selecting which movies and series you would like to view at a later time, and when you go to the on-demand portion of Pluto TV, the system will prioritize displaying these items to you first.

How much does it cost to have Pluto TV?

Pluto TV is available at no cost at all. You don’t even have to establish an account for Pluto TV to start viewing your favorite movies and TV series online.

Pluto TV will instead show commercials on its programs, similar to how traditional cable TV places ads in its shows.

What Kind of Channels Does Pluto Offer?

The channel lineup that Pluto provides to its customers in 2020 has undergone significant revisions as a result of the year 2020. You can find the updated channel list further down the page.


  • 51 Pluto TV Spotlight
  • 54 Action
  • 57 Comedy
  • 60 Drama
  • 66 Fantastic
  • 70 Romance
  • 74 Thrillers
  • 75 Horror
  • 76 Terror
  • 80 Black Cinema
  • 91 Documentaries
  • 95 80s Rewind
  • 100 Paramount Movie Channel
  • 103 CMT Westerns
  • 106 Classic Movies
  • 109 Cult Films
  • 112 Flicks of Fury
  • 115 The Asylum


  • 130 TV Land Drama
  • 135 Stories by AMC
  • 140 Leverage
  • 142 Baywatch
  • 144 Degrassi
  • 147 Pluto TV Love Stories
  • 149 Pluto TV Suspense
  • 150 Star Trek
  • 151 SciFi
  • 154 British TV
  • 160 Judge Nosey
  • 165 Deal or No Deal
  • 167 Game Show Central
  • 172 Demand Africa
  • 174 Bet Star Pluto TV
  • 175 Bet Star Her Pluto TV
  • 178 MTV Pluto TV
  • 182 CMT Pluto TV
  • 187 Logo Pluto TV
  • 190 ET Live
  • 192 People TV
  • 194 Awesomeness TV
  • 197 Complex

News + Opinion

  • 202 Pluto TV News
  • 204 CBSN
  • 206 CBSN New York
  • 207 CBSN Los Angeles
  • 209 CNN
  • 212 NBC News
  • 213 NBC News Now
  • 217 WeatherNation
  • 221 Sky News
  • 224 Bloomberg Television
  • 226 Cheddar
  • 228 C Net
  • 230 BNC
  • 232 Top Stories by Newsy
  • 234 Today
  • 236 Newsmax TV
  • 238 Blaze Live
  • 240 America’s Voice
  • 242 OAN Encore
  • 244 The F1rst
  • 246 TYT Network


  • 275 Reality
  • 276 Lives
  • 277 Rescue 911
  • 282 VH-1 I Love Reality
  • 283 Love & Hip Hop
  • 284 VH-1 Hip Hop Family
  • 285 Black Ink Crew
  • 290 Spike Pluto TV
  • 291 Spike Outdoors
  • 294 Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen Uncensored
  • 296 Survivor
  • 297 The Amazing Race
  • 298 The Challenge
  • 301 Fear Factor
  • 303 American Gladiators
  • 305 Wipeout
  • 310 All Reality WE TV
  • 315 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
  • 320 Celebrity
  • 330 MTV Dating
  • 332 Drama Life
  • 340 People are Awesome


  • 350 Crime/Drama
  • 355 CSI
  • 365 True Crime
  • 367 Cops
  • 370 Forensic Files
  • 373 Cold Case Files
  • 376 The New Detectives
  • 379 Unsolved Mysteries
  • 381 DOG the Bounty Hunter
  • 385 Midsomer Murders
  • 395 Court TV


  • 450 Funny AF
  • 455 TV Land Sitcoms
  • 458 Slightly Off by IFC
  • 462 Laugh Out Loud! Network
  • 465 Comedy Central Pluto TV
  • 466 Comedy Central Stand-Up
  • 468 Stand-Up TV
  • 470 Tosh. O
  • 480 Wild’N Out
  • 488 Mystery Science Theater 3000
  • 489 Rifftrax
  • 494 AFV TV
  • 498 Failarmy

Classic TV

  • 501 Classic TV Comedy
  • 508 Three’s Company
  • 511 The Addams Family
  • 514 Johnny Carson TV
  • 516 The Carol Burnett Show
  • 520 Classic TV Drama
  • 526 Western TV
  • 529 The Rifleman
  • 532 Doctor Who Classic
  • 535 Dark Shadows
  • 540 Buzz
  • 542 Shout Factory TV
  • 548 Classic Toons

Home + DIY

  • 601 Food TV
  • 605 America’s Test Kitchen
  • 612 Front Door
  • 614 Dabl
  • 615 Lively Place
  • 618 This Old House
  • 621 Antiques Roadshow UK
  • 630 Pluto TV Best Life
  • 632 Weddings
  • 635 Cats 24/7
  • 636 Dogs 24/7
  • 637 The Pet Collective
  • 643 Faith TV
  • 644 TBN
  • 647 AWE Encore


  • 651 History
  • 655 Military
  • 660 Biography
  • 663 Cars
  • 666 Animals
  • 669 Pluto TV Paranormal
  • 672 Science
  • 675 Adventure TV
  • 678 Travel
  • 681 Voyager Documentaries
  • 687 Chassy
  • 690 NASA TV
  • 692 Nature Escape
  • 694 Loupe
  • 696 Slow TV


  • 702 CBS Sports HQ
  • 705 FOX Sports
  • 708 NFL Channel
  • 712 MLS
  • 713 PGA Tour
  • 725 Pluto TV Sports
  • 726 Fight
  • 730 Bellator MMA
  • 734 Impact! Wrestling
  • 736 Glory Kickboxing
  • 740 Bein Sports Xtra
  • 745 Fubo Sports Network
  • 748 Stadium
  • 752 Bigsky Conference
  • 755 Pluto TV Backcountry
  • 756 Pursuit UP
  • 759 Pluto TV Action Sports
  • 762 Red Bull TV
  • 770 WPT

Gaming + Anime

  • 801 Gamer
  • 805 IGN
  • 806 Gamespot
  • 815 Minecraft TV
  • 816 GamePlay Roblox
  • 830 Anime All Day
  • 836 Naruto
  • 848 Tokushoutsu


  • 855 Live Music
  • 868 MTV Block Party
  • 869 MTV Spankin’ New
  • 870 MTV Biggest Pop
  • 873 YO!
  • 890 Vevo Pop
  • 898 Hillsong Channel


  • 901 Pluto TV Cine Estelar
  • 902 Cine
  • 904 Cine Acción
  • 905 Cine Terror
  • 920 Nuestra Vision
  • 925 The Walking Dead Español
  • 933 Forensic Files en Español
  • 936 Investiga
  • 940 Telenovelas Clasicas
  • 941 Novelas Romance
  • 942 Novelas Drama
  • 943 Novelas Thriller
  • 944 Narco Novellas
  • 950 Spike Aventura
  • 953 Realities en Español
  • 956 Cocina
  • 959 Mundo
  • 962 Naturaleza
  • 965 MTV Latino
  • 967 Comedy Central Latino
  • 970 Combate World
  • 971 Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide


  • 976 Kids Animation
  • 977 Nick Pluto TV
  • 978 Nick Jr. Pluto TV
  • 983 Totally Turtles
  • 985 Dora TV
  • 989 KIDS
  • 991 Tween
  • 993 Pocket Watch
  • 995 Little Baby Bum
  • 997 Nick Latino
  • 998 Nick Jr. Latino

Pluto TV is a free streaming live TV service that could be the ideal option for you if you like to watch cable TV as well as older episodes of television shows. There is plenty for everyone to watch on television these days, what with hundreds of channels and popular old shows being rerun.

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