Elderly mourner in paper Royal Guard costume walks Mall to lay flowers for Queen outside Buckingham Palace.


Elderly mourner in paper Royal Guard costume walks Mall to lay flowers for Queen outside Buckingham Palace. The elderly gentleman who presented flowers to Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace while dressed in what appeared to be a handmade uniform of the Royal Guard has been lauded by members of the general public for his ‘loyalty’ to the monarchy.

A video of the ‘wonderful moment’ was uploaded to TikTok, and the clip has received more than one hundred thousand likes as of this writing.

According to a user of TikTok who watched the patriotic senior gentleman’s efforts, he “walked the length of the Mall” to pay honor to the late monarch after she passed away on September 8.

The Royal superfan was decked out in a costume depicting a member of the King’s Guard, which was formerly known as the Queen’s Guard but has since been renamed following the coronation of King Charles III.

It is possible to see him proudly saluting spectators in the footage as he goes towards Buckingham Palace. The onlookers appear to be taken away by the moving tribute, and several of them are filming him.

Many users on TikTok praised the man’s clothing since it seemed to be a handcrafted creation that was partly fashioned from paper and tape.

The elaborate costume was adorned with a number of medals, and he also wore a hat that was styled similarly to the classic bearskin hats used by the Guard.

One of the people presents said, “Bless him, the amount of effort he put on that costume to show respect.”

Someone else said, “That suit seems like it must have taken him hours to build.” Another person remarked, “What a joke. A great deal of care and adhesive tape went into that.’ After his demonstration of loyalty, some people advocated for him to be given a legitimate uniform to wear.

“Someone ought to give that guy a decent outfit to wear! I would if I knew how to [sew], but I don’t.

An elderly ardent follower of the Queen went the length of the mall to place flowers at Buckingham Palace, as stated in the video’s caption, which was captured by @busk1976.

One participant said it was “a lovely moment for him and those who witnessed” when they were there. Another user of TikTok commented that the user exemplified his age in terms of their feelings toward the Royal Family and their sorrow over the passing of Her Majesty.

“This is what it means to an entire generation, a generation that lived through some of the darkest days, and the queen was there,” she said. “This is what it means to a whole age.”

Another person exclaimed, “Outstanding!” “It’s clear that he has a great deal of respect for both his and our Queen. Wonderful above our expectations! Well done sir.’

“If this was my grandfather, dad, uncle, brother, etc. I would be so proud, the dignity and the commitment of this little man is so heart warming,” observed another person. “If this was my grandad, dad, uncle, brother, etc. I would be so proud.”

A great number of other people reacted with the phrase “bless him” and gave their best wishes to the unnamed old person.