Employees are informed by CNN that layoffs are occurring.


Employees are informed by CNN that layoffs are occurring. Chris Licht, the executive in charge of CNN, which is owned by Warner Bros Discovery (WBD.O), informed staff members in a memo on Wednesday that layoffs are taking place, according to an email obtained by Reuters.

According to the memo, Licht stated that CNN would notify a select group of people, primarily some of its paid contributors, on Wednesday and the impacted employees on Thursday. On Thursday afternoon, he would follow up with more information about the changes.

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The changes, Licht acknowledged, “affect both our departing colleagues and those who remain.” And we can help you, thanks to our resources.

The layoffs were anticipated and occur at a time when businesses are trying to control costs and reduce headcount in preparation for a slowdown in the economy.

CNN would be undergoing changes, Licht had warned in October, citing “widespread worry about the future of the world economy.

The adjustments would have an impact on “people, budgets, and projects, “According to Licht.