Exploring Travis Kelce’s Past Tweets in Light of Speculation Surrounding His Alleged Relationship with Taylor Swift


On Wednesday morning, I was hit with not one, but two pieces of news about the ever-fascinating Ms. Taylor Swift. First and foremost, the internet was abuzz when she appeared alongside newly single Sophie Turner on the busy streets of New York on Tuesday night. And then something equally interesting popped up on NFL Twitter and Swiftie Twitter, two seemingly disparate corners of the social media world: There’s a rumor that Swift and Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs are dating, shared by none other than Travis’ brother Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles during a local radio interview. But in a quick turnaround, Jason admitted moments later that he didn’t actually know for sure. Huh!

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During Wednesday afternoon, you probably saw numerous headlines proclaiming “Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce dating rumors are true, Eagles star brother says,” or you may have caught an audio clip of Jason confidently confirming that Swift and Travis are “doing great, and… it’s all 100% true.” But you may have missed the part where Jason joked, “No, I’m kidding, I don’t know what’s going on.” Fair enough! I have no idea about my own sisters’ lives, except that one of them is happily married. While Jason and Travis are both known for their ball-catching prowess (I think?), they’re different individuals. Jason can’t be held responsible for his brother’s mysterious romantic escapades, or lack thereof.

In short, despite the initial excitement this morning, we’re still no closer to unraveling the mystery of whether a quiet romance is brewing between Travis and Swift. The saga began earlier this summer when Travis expressed his disappointment at not being able to give Swift a friendship bracelet with his phone number or meet her after attending her Kansas City “Eras” stop. In a podcast he co-hosts with Jason, Travis admitted he was “butthurt” but understood Swift needed to “save” her voice. (Who knows, maybe she just didn’t want to talk to him?) Travis seems to be smitten with Swiftie, so his disappointment is understandable.

While we’re still keeping our eyes peeled for any tentative confirmation on the true status of this alleged relationship, I took it upon myself to find out more about Travis Kelce, a burly professional athlete and devoted Taylor Swift fan. Naturally, my quest began by asking some football-savvy friends, “Who is Travis Kelce?” I discovered to my satisfaction that he is quite talented in football, excelling as a “tight end” known for protecting his quarterback, Mr. Patrick Mahomes, on offensive plays. (Perhaps a sign that he might be good at protecting the oft-bashed Taylor Swift, too?) In a league where stars like Aaron Rodgers occasionally witness politically-tinged commentary, Travis, refreshingly, made no such mistakes. Cold.

Further investigation on my part revealed that Travis used to be quite a Twitter fan, sharing gems like, “These TV shows are hilarious! Gotta love TV entertainment.” He even gave a glimpse of his preferences in a now-deleted tweet from 2011 that read: “Women who have a sense of humor… #plus.” (Side note: The man loves phonetic spelling.) Like many of us in a certain era, Travis also liked to share online, “I keep getting pressured on Twitter by #oneofmyfollowers and she’s hot as hell!!!!” He is a man of passion and declares, “The most powerful weapon on this earth is the human soul on fire! A man’s passion is the backbone of success!” Interestingly, his old tweets suggest that he is also quite a lover of physical comedy.

In keeping with Ms. Swift’s well-known love of Christmas, Travis is also a fan of the holidays, especially holiday music: “There’s nothing happier or more positive than Christmas music! I listen to it all year, it just gets more intense this time of year!” he boldly declared in 2013.

Travis also likes to dance and discovered that his nickname was “T-Rex whilst I used to be approximately nine years old.” Then again, he’s no longer in particular outstanding at baseball. He brazenly professes his love for his mother, describing her as an “absolute angel,” and essentially units the bar for what he seems for in a romantic associate — thrilling, to mention the least.

As I delved deeper into these revelations, the question evolved from “Who is Travis Kelce?” to “What are Travis and Taylor talking about?” (assuming he actually joins the conversation – still to be decided). Could it be Travis’ old tweets? Literary works by Shakespeare, F. Scott Fitzgerald, or Charlotte Brontë? Perhaps the poetry of Pablo Neruda and Sylvia Plath, or other influences on Swift’s lyricism? Maybe even football? (After all, Swift is an Eagles fan.) Or maybe their favorite Christmas songs?

Of course the question “What are Travis and Taylor talking about?” it remains relevant only if there is any truth to their alleged encounters—a matter that, unlike Jason’s playful quips, remains unconfirmed.