Fortnite was down all day for the Chapter 5 Season 2 launch due to server maintenance.


The Greek mythology-themed Chapter 5: Season 2 of Fortnite was supposed to begin this morning, but it wasn’t supposed to finish the regular maintenance downtime until early this morning. To be ready for a major update, Epic often pulls the servers offline for a few hours at 3 AM ET. This time, the game known as Battle Royale remained offline well into Friday night.

Players began to claim that they were able to download updates and start playing the game after 9 PM ET. But a lot of users claim that when they try to play, they keep getting error messages or having to wait in line to check-in.

While the Epic Games status page tracking downtime linked to the v29.00 update states everything is functioning now that the maintenance window has ended, the Fortnite Status account on X has reported that the developers are working on difficulties with islands, purchasing stuff, and matchmaking problems.

When will the servers for Fortnite go back up? 

Due to an extended maintenance outage, the start of the new season is delayed.

As of 10 a.m. EST on Friday, the Fortnite servers were still undergoing the version 29.00 update’s scheduled maintenance. At nine in the morning, DownDetector recorded 1,259 reports of Fortnite outages. The status page stated that the update should be finished by 4 p.m. EST.

When does Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 5: Myths and Mortals begin?

Users of Fortnite should be able to start Chapter 5 Season 2: Myths & Mortals as soon as the updates are finished.

According to Epic Games, Olympus has entered the battleground on Fortnite Battle Royale Island because Pandora’s Box has been opened. Legends of the Olympian gods, such as Hades and Zeus, the thunder god, now control the island with unearthly fury. They have their weapons and powers with them, which exacerbates the situation. Turn their legendary methods against them.

Why is there a Fortnite waitlist today?

When a new season begins or a small event is planned, people frequently have to wait in line to log in. According to Gameleap, it occurs when there is an excessive number of users attempting to log in at once, overwhelming the servers.

The website advises players to prevent the following errors:

  • Avoid Peak Hours: Choose to play on weekday evenings or other off-peak times.
  • Play continuously to avoid getting caught in a line later. Don’t log off.
  • Look For Updates Here: Logging in may be prevented by pending game updates.
  • Contact Support: To find out if Epic support is aware of any server issues, get in touch with them.
  • Wait It Out: As a last resort, bide your time until the queue closes.