Xbox Fans Are Noticing Subtle Price Changes For Microsoft Rewards


As you are undoubtedly aware, we are huge fans of Microsoft Rewards, even with some of the setbacks the program has seen lately. This week saw one such setback: a few different Gift Cards’ prices increased.

Xbox enthusiasts have been highlighting some of these increases on social media and in the Pure Xbox forums over the last 24 hours. It seems that these increases apply to anything from Xbox Gift Cards to Amazon Gift Cards.

Microsoft Rewards have undergone significant changes in the last few months, and today’s Xbox Game Pass Quests program update has brought about some significant changes to the way gamers can earn points.

There are no longer any game-specific quests for 5 or 250 points. The two other weekly quests have been increased from 10 to 20 points, and the monthly “Quest Completionist” task now offers 1000 points instead of 500 points, but it has much more difficult requirements to complete. These are the main changes you’ll notice.

Even while it just seems to be a few percent higher in most regions, it’s still a gain!

Before we become overly pessimistic about this, it should be noted that Microsoft Rewards prices seem to have decreased in a few areas, including Canada, Australia, and Norway.

Thus, although this may initially appear to be an attempt to reduce the value of Microsoft Rewards for Xbox owners, it appears that Microsoft is just attempting to level the playing field a little bit, which is unfortunate for those of us who live in certain areas!

In terms of how many points you can earn each month from Xbox Game Pass Quests, there hasn’t been a “nerf” per se; instead, the 1000-point “Quest Completionist” task requires you to play a Game Pass game on 30 different days and complete an achievement on 15 different days.

This basically indicates that you will need to work harder and devote almost all of your time to the Xbox Game Pass Quests program in 2024 if you want to earn as many points as possible, compared to 2023.

Since such game-specific quests have always been a highlight of the Game Pass Quests program and we’ve been offering weekly guides for them here at Pure Xbox for the past few years, we’re especially upset about their departure. Please also give our friend Rewards Hunter some thought on YouTube, as he has done an excellent job of explaining how to finish these Quests through videos!

Again, Microsoft isn’t deducting any points from us for this most recent Xbox Game Pass Quest update—in fact, we’re gaining a few more—but the additional requirements for completing them make it feel that way.

Nevertheless, you can view the most recent rates for yourself by going to the “Redeem” area of the Microsoft Rewards app on your Xbox (as shown in the image above). Hopefully, the changes haven’t significantly impacted your plans!