GTA 6 shows it is the best by breaking YouTube records with its trailer.


Despite being unreleased for at least a year, GTA 6 is already shattering records. GTA 6 shows it is the best by breaking YouTube records with its trailer.

According to Guinness World Records, the initial trailer for the game, which Rockstar released early after it leaked on Monday, is now the most viewed non-music video on YouTube in the preceding twenty-four hours.

According to the organization, this also makes it the most viewed video game revelation on YouTube, with 90,421,491 views in twenty-four hours.

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The GTA 6 trailer, which is only a minute and a half long, contains numerous details we have identified, including GTA Online references, a return to Vice City, and plot strands.

The Eurogamer news team discussed in their most recent newscast how fertile parody is in the presence of social media, but the parallels to the real world do not end there. Shortly after the minute mark, a brief excerpt depicts an individual clad in a prison uniform adorned with facial tattoos. This individual swiftly garnered attention due to his striking resemblance to tattoo model Lawrence Sullivan, whose likeness to the Joker went viral in 2017.

Tuesday, Sullivan posted a response to the trailer on TikTok. “That character may have appeared in Grand Theft Auto 6,” Sullivan stated. “You know who inspired them to create that.” By me.” Before communicating with Rockstar, he denoted himself as “Florida Joker.” The intent of his statement, “GTA, we gotta talk,” remains ambiguous as to whether he was criticizing the company for unauthorized use of his likeness or urging a more substantial partnership.

According to animator Mike York, who has previously worked on GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption, a significant portion of the footage indicates the game’s visuals. Moreover, he asserts that Rockstar’s artists “truly know how to push the hardware and consoles to their limits” (VG247).

Rockstar has verified that GTA 6 will be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2025. No information has been received regarding a PC release as of yet.