HMD Global Signals a Fresh Start by Overhauling Nokia Mobile


HMD Global, the Finnish company behind Nokia branded phones, updated the Nokia website with a bold move. The familiar “” link now directs users to HMD Global’s newly launched “” website.

This is the complete withdrawal of Nokia mobile phones from the market. HMD Global plans to introduce a new identity by launching its smartphone and feature phone brand in the first half of this year. The relevant announcement includes the TA-1585 model, the tablet named HMD T21, and various related models. The device will have the HMD logo and stylish design, unlike the traditional use of the Nokia brand and logo.

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Kunwar revealed in an interview that HMD Global will use Nokia’s technology and technology to continue its relationship with Nokia. Patents in communication to improve product quality. This strategic partnership provides customers with the latest technology and solutions.

Industry insiders applauded HMD Global’s decision to rebrand and distance itself from Nokia’s legacy, believing it prudent and appropriate. Once the market leader, Nokia phones have lost their appeal. HMD Global admits that keeping the Nokia brand will only cause shock and confusion rather than attract new users. To stand out in the competitive landscape, HMD Global has stepped out of Nokia’s shadow and aims to create its unique features and advantages.

This new product from HMD Global mainly targets markets in India and Asian regions and is also available in regions such as Europe and the United States. Talking about the broad vision of the company, Ravi Kunwar, vice president of HMD Global, said that they want to create global products, including phones, tablets, smartphones, IoT device gadgets, and more, complemented by world-class services and experience.
< br>As HMD Global changes its approach, industry experts expect the company to create a unique identity that fosters innovation and competes effectively in the changing landscape of mobile commerce. This move proves HMD Global’s commitment to changing consumer preferences and staying ahead of the rest in the dynamic technology world.