Tesla Brake Warning Notices Deemed Insufficient in US Recall


US safety regulators have identified a new concern in Tesla cars—this time, it’s the brake warning lights that are too small. In response, Tesla has rolled out a software update to enlarge the font, affecting nearly 2.2 million vehicles. This development adds to the ongoing dialogue between regulators and Elon Musk’s company.

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Simultaneously, officials have intensified their investigation into reported power steering issues, particularly a loss of steering control in 2023 Model 3 sedans and Y SUVs. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has received numerous complaints, prompting a deeper engineering analysis that may result in a recall.

The font size problem came to light during a routine audit, leading to a voluntary recall involving brake, park, and antilock systems in nearly every Tesla vehicle sold in the US. Although no accidents have been linked to the font issue, the NHTSA highlights the importance of legible warning lights for overall safety, emphasizing the risk of crashes when critical information is hard to read.

Tesla has been under increasing regulatory scrutiny globally due to its significant production growth, resulting in more vehicles on the roads. In recent events, Tesla recalled over 1.6 million cars in China for steering software and door-locking system issues, and in the US, about 2 million vehicles were recalled in December related to autopilot features.

While traditional recalls require physical visits to dealerships, Tesla often addresses issues through remote software updates. Elon Musk has expressed discontent with the term “recall” in the context of over-the-air software updates, deeming it anachronistic and incorrect. Despite the ongoing challenges, Tesla continues to navigate and adapt to the evolving landscape of electric vehicle technology.