How a 60-year-old man lost Ksh 700000 to a woman in a week


How a 60-year-old man lost Ksh 700000 to a woman in a week, A 60-year-old man is upset after losing Ksh 700,000 to a lady he met in a club in just one week. After selling an asset for Ksh 700,000, Tom Ikonya, 60, went to a bar in Maragua town to celebrate a successful sale. As his retirement plan, he had planned to explore the town and start a boiled meat business.

Tom Ikonya remembered consuming about eight beers and paying the bill for Ksh 6,320. A woman who had joined the table remained by his side the entire time, cautioning him to exercise caution.

Tom had planned to check into a room when the bar closed at 10.30 p.m., but the woman insisted on hosting him. He agreed to go to her house because she seemed genuinely concerned for his well-being.

Despite a friend’s warning, she continued to kiss him repeatedly, and the next thing he knew, he was in her living room.

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Tom Ikonya’s daily routine consisted of waking up, praying with the woman, getting ready, taking a shower, eating breakfast, and engaging in a variety of conversational topics before visiting various bars and coming home in the evening.

The woman then gave him a budget of Ksh 250 000 to begin his business selling boiled meat. She gave him the go-ahead to withdraw Ksh 350,000.

The woman revealed she was looking for a workspace and staff on the fourth day. She requested Ksh 50,000 for an emergency and Ksh 100,000 for a license.

Ikonya made the decision to withdraw in installments on the fifth day because she found the numerous ATM withdrawals to be tiresome.

They got together at the bar on the sixth day. His ATM card and a package containing his clothes were returned to him by the woman. Since the phone was off, he continued to order drinks while he waited for her to return.

He made the decision to dash to the ATM and quickly withdraw some cash in order to pay the bill, which was now at Ksh 3,100. He then discovered that his balance was Ksh 8.78.