How Do I Program My Fios Remote To My TV


How Do I Program My Fios Remote To My TV: My satisfaction with the services provided by Verizon FiOS TV One, which I have been using for some time, is at an all-time high.

In addition to all of the channels included in my package, Netflix and YouTube are both accessible on the neat and small tiny box, so all of my entertainment requirements have been satisfied.

How Do I Program My Fios Remote To My TV

Even when my family, who have been using Xfinity X1 for a long time, comes to visit, they are able to use it naturally, despite the fact that they are not very knowledgeable about technology.

How Do I Program My Fios Remote To My TV

Nevertheless, when I was getting it set up, I noticed that the Verizon FiOS Remote wasn’t actually regulating the volume on my TV.

Because the volume on my TV had been turned up so high, it was only reasonable that I should adjust it.

It wasn’t a problem that could be solved with a few simple steps, like the time when the battery in my FiOS Wi-Fi Unit wouldn’t stop blinking, but it did need a lot of time and effort to look through all the resources that were accessible.

Because the instructions weren’t tailored to my circumstances, I decided to write my own post to offer guidance to those who could find themselves in a similar circumstance in the future.

After pressing the “0” and “Play/Pause” buttons on the FiOS TV Voice Remote (“0” and “OK” on the P265 and P283 remotes), you will be prompted to enter the three-digit code provided by your TV manufacturer.

I’ve also gone through how to operate your television by utilizing the Set-Top Box directly, as well as how to return the remote control’s settings to their defaults in the event that you experience any problems.

Using the Fios TV Voice Remote to control the Fios TV One after it has been programmed.

My experience of viewing TV has been greatly improved by the addition of the FiOS TV Voice Remote to my setup.

There is no need to point the TV remote awkwardly because it connects to the TV via Bluetooth rather than IR like the majority of other remotes do. This enables me to do things like mute the TV or turn it off when I’m leaving the room because I don’t have to point the remote awkwardly.

The sensitive microphone that is built into the remote control has been a godsend for me. It is able to pick up the voice commands that I give it, even if I am chewing something at the same time. This feature is one of the many voice commands that are included with this device. Talk about convenience.

This accessory was developed specifically for use with the Fios TV One service offered by Verizon.

Following these simple instructions will allow you to program the remote to control the FiOS TV One:

While you are aiming the remote at the television, concurrently press the “0” button as well as the “Play/Pause” button.

When a blue light begins to shine on the remote, you can release both of the buttons at the same time.

Your Fios TV Voice Remote will be successfully connected and ready to use as soon as the indicator light stops blinking.

After you have completed these steps, your TV should be able to be automatically identified and operated by the remote you are using.

Navigate to the Menu > Settings > Voice control > Fios TV Voice Remote > Program Voice Remote > Automatic Setup in order to accomplish this.

As soon as you have completed these steps, a notification that reads “Success!” will appear in the upper right corner of the television screen.

In the event that this does not work, you will need to choose the Manual Setup option rather than the Automatic Setup one.

After that, choose your brand of television, and proceed with the steps that are displayed. As soon as you have completed these steps, a notification that reads “Success!” will appear in the upper-right hand corner of your television screen.

Setting up the Verizon P265 to use as a remote control for your television

Even if you have an older remote and are having this issue, the procedure of programming the remote to control the volume on your TV will be quite same regardless of the remote’s age.

In order to complete the pairing procedure, all that is required of you is to enter the correct FiOS Remote Code. In further depth, here is how the procedure goes:

  1. You can find the code for your TV’s remote control in the list of Remote control codes for the Verizon P265 that is included in the user manual for the remote, the link to which is provided down below.
  2. Switch on your TV and the FiOS STB.
  3. You’ll have to tap the “OK” and “0” buttons simultaneously. The red LED light blinks two times and will then stay lighted.
  4. Type in your TV-specific code that you figured out from the user handbook. Once you do this, the red light on the remote will blink two times and then stay illuminated.
  5. Keep on pushing the “Ch+” button until the TV goes off.
  6. Verify that your remote is working appropriately. To do this, try turning on the TV, increasing and reducing the volume and hitting the Mute and A/V buttons.
  7. If the keys above don’t work, keep holding the specific key. Release it as soon as it works.
  8. If all the keys work correctly, press “OK” to proceed. The red light blinks thrice and then switches off. Your remote has now been successfully programmed.

Listed below are the Verizon 265 Remote Control Codes for some Major TV Brands:

  • LG – 210
  • Philips – 285
  • Samsung – 331
  • Toshiba – 397
  • Sony – 352

Programming the Verizon P283 to control your TV

It is just as simple to teach the Verizon P283 remote how to control your television as it was to teach it how to use the Verizon P265 remote. This is how you can accomplish that goal:

  1. Turn on both your television and your FiOS set-top box.
  2. The link to the User Manual for your TV is provided below; use it to locate the code that identifies the brand of your television.
  3. Enter the TV-specific code that you discovered in the documentation for the device you’re using. Now, simultaneously press the “OK” and “!” buttons on your keyboard. Once, then again, the red light on the remote control will blink, and then it will remain lit.
  4. Enter the TV code that you have just discovered for your TV by following the procedures from the previous section. The blinking red light on the remote will repeat itself twice before remaining lit.
  5. Keep pushing the “Ch+” button all the way through the process until the TV goes off.
  6. Check to see if your remote is functioning appropriately. To accomplish this, try switching on the television, adjusting the volume both up and down, and using the Mute and A/V buttons on the remote control. It will be made public as soon as it is functional.
  7. Imagine that none of the keys above are working; in that case, press and hold the specific key. Put it out there as soon as it begins to produce results. To continue, press the “OK” button if all of the keys function normally. There are three rapid blinks of the red light, and then it goes out. The programming of your remote control has now been completed successfully.

Control the TV volume through the Fios Set-Top Box

You can quickly and easily adjust the volume of your TV using your Set-Top Box (STB) by utilizing your Verizon remote and following the steps outlined in the following paragraphs:

  1. While doing so, press the “OK” button as well as the “2” button. Release your grip on the buttons. The red light on the remote will flash twice before remaining lit continuously.
  2. To begin, push the 9-5-5 buttons (in this order). Because of this, the red light will blink twice before becoming illuminated once more.
  3. To power on your STB, use the button labeled “STB-Power” on your remote. Following the third blink of the red light, the gadget will turn off. This action will cause the LED to blink three times.

Your TV’s volume can now be changed using the Set-Top Box that’s connected to your television. If the volume on your television is adjusted in an off-kilter manner, leaving you with little to no control over the volume of the audio, selecting this choice will be a helpful one for you.

You will now be able to determine what is wrong with your Verizon FiOS remote and take the necessary steps to fix the issue in a methodical fashion.

Even though the troubleshooting techniques are rather straightforward, there may be situations when the remote cannot be saved.

My recommendation is to sign up for Verizon Protect Home, which is a customer support service that is available around the clock and is the successor to Verizon’s Tech Support Pro. Verizon Protect Home handles repairs and replacements.

However, if you decide you want to move services, returning your FiOS equipment is simple and straightforward.

Speaking of premium features, if you have the FiOS Voice Remote, I strongly suggest that you make the most of the voice commands function so that you may watch TV without having to use your hands. This will make the experience more convenient and enjoyable.

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