How to deactivate Hulu from Spotify A Comprehensive Guideline


This is a subscription-based streaming service that is offered in the United States. The Walt Disney Company, the primary owner owns most of the material. NBCUniversal, a Comcast subsidiary, holds a portion of the ownership. How to deactivate Hulu from Spotify?

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On October 29, 2007, Hulu began offering its services to the public. You will get access to movies and television shows from various networks, including ABC, NBC, and FX Networks, in addition to Hulu’s programming.

Initially, News Corporation and NBC Universal merged to form Hulu as a joint venture. After some time, Providence Equity Partners and The Walt Disney Company became shareholders in the business. The Walt Disney Company is currently being used by its television networks as a repository for the most recent seasons of television shows that they have produced.

When Hulu first became a paid membership service, the platform was initially marketed under {Hulu Plus. Hulu was the first streaming service to add “Plus” to its name when it did so in the year 2010.

It includes full seasons of shows produced by corporations and shows made by others working in collaboration with the companies. It is possible to terminate your paid subscription to Hulu at any time.

Furthermore, you have the option to combine Spotify and Hulu. But how exactly would you sever the connection? Have a look at it down below.

How to deactivate Hulu from Spotify

Despite this, you cannot disconnect your Hulu and Spotify accounts now. You cannot accomplish that since you have an existing connection between your Hulu and Spotify accounts. To put it another way, your Hulu subscription is managed by your Spotify account.

Because you are now paying for your Spotify membership, you will not be able to unlink the accounts individually.

You also have the option to detach your Spotify account from your Hulu subscription. How can students delete Hulu from their Spotify accounts? Simply following the steps outlined below will get you the desired results.

First, you must access your account by logging into a computer with an internet browser. (If you are using the mobile app, you will not be able to carry out this Activity.)

  • Go to the Spotify website right now.
  • Launch Spotify on your device of choice and sign in. (If you have already logged in, you may proceed to the following section.)
  • To access the Account menu, click the profile picture in the screen’s upper right corner.
  • You should now see an option in the menu that reads “Spotify Premium with Hulu.” The “Manage Plan” opportunity can be found immediately below this one. Just click the Manage Plan button.
  • After that, you will be given the option to “Change or Cancel” the request. You need only click on that link.
  • You can get rid of Hulu by using the menu on right side of the screen and selecting “Remove Hulu.” You need only click on that link.
  • After that, it will consult with you to get your permission before deleting Hulu. Just click the Remove Hulu button.

Its essential to keep in mind that this method will terminate your Hulu account. How to deactivate Hulu from Spotify? If you wish to erase your Spotify account entirely, you must cancel your free account and then cancel your premium subscription in the appropriate order.

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How to Cancel Your Hulu Subscription

Since you have terminated your Hulu subscription, you can delete your Hulu account and all of the information connected to it. It is recommended that you utilize a personal computer to delete your Hulu account because this feature is best performed on a computer. If you delete your Hulu account, all related profiles will also be deleted, and you will lose the ability to delete the Watch History associated with your Hulu account.

How to deactivate Hulu from Spotify

Instructions on How to Cancel Your Hulu Account

  1. Launch the web browser of your choosing on the computer you’re using.
  2. Now you need to go to the Hulu website and log in using the credentials for your Hulu account.
  3. After clicking on the icon representing your profile image, select your user name from the drop-down menu that appears.
  4. You will then be brought to the screen where you may manage your account.
  5. Keep scrolling until you locate the option labeled Privacy and Settings.
  6. Choose the option to Manage Activity. You will now be presented with a list of available choices.
  7. Make sure that the boxes labeled “Watch History,” “Profiles,” and “DVR Settings” are checked.
  8. Simply clicking the button labeled “Clear Selection” will do the trick. Now, return to the page where you configured your privacy settings.
  9. After returning to the page for Privacy and Settings, select California Privacy Rights from the drop-down menu.
  10. Click the Start Deletion button next to the text that states Right to Delete.
  11. After you have acknowledged the warning, you can either delete your account immediately or wait until the end of the current monthly cycle.

How to stop your Android Hulu subscription?

  1. On Android, you need to follow a few straightforward steps to terminate your Hulu subscription:
  2. Launch the Hulu app on your device.
  3. Use the “Profile” icon in the bottom navigation bar to access your profile.
  4. Select the Account menu item and then retype your password.
  5. Scroll down until you see the option to “Cancel Your Subscription,” and then click the Cancel button.
  6. Click the Continue button, then click Cancel.
  7. After this, there will be a quick survey; after you’ve answered the questions, touch the “Continue to Cancel” button.

How can you cancel your Hulu subscription on your desktop device?

If you use a desktop computer and want to cancel your Hulu subscription, you may do it in just a few easy steps, which are as follows:

  1. Launch the Hulu website and move the mouse pointer over the name of your account in the upper right corner.
  2. Simply select the “Account” tab.
  3. To cancel your subscription, click the link in the middle column.
  4. After that, click the “Continue to Cancel” button in the bottom right corner.
  5. After you have provided your responses to the questions in the survey, select “Continue to Cancel” to finish the process.

What are the steps to pause your Hulu subscription?

Apart from canceling, you can even stop your membership. You can utilize this function if you want to take a short break or some time off from what you’re doing. You can put a hold on your Hulu membership at any time. You won’t have to worry about terminating your Hulu membership to take the much-needed vacation this way.

How do I set up Hulu with Spotify?

You need a paid Hulu subscription to use Spotify with your Hulu account. On the website of Hulu, you may sign up for a free trial if you still need to become a subscriber to the service. Launch the Hulu app after successfully logging in to your Hulu account, and then select the “Spotify” option from the “Connected Accounts” menu.

Is Hulu still free on Spotify?

There is no charge for using Hulu when you subscribe to Spotify. On Hulu, you can view the pilot episode of any show for free, after which you can continue watching the show for free with advertisements or pay to watch the show without ads.

Can I use Spotify to log in to Hulu?

You can use your Spotify credentials to sign in to Hulu. To accomplish this, go to the Hulu website and click “Sign In.” After that, pick “Spotify” from the menu of available options. You will be prompted to sign in to your Spotify account after the launch of the app. Once successfully logged in, you can use your Spotify account to watch episodes and movies on Hulu.

Why does my Hulu not work through Spotify?

There are many possible reasons why you cannot access Hulu with Spotify. The fact that you need a Hulu subscription to view its content through the Spotify app may be the cause for this restriction. The Hulu material that can be accessed through Spotify may be only accessible in some parts of the world. This is another possible explanation.

Is Hulu included in the free trial of Amazon Prime?

Yes, if you have Amazon Prime, you get free access to Hulu. With a Prime membership, you have access to various movies and television shows that can be viewed on Hulu.

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Is Hulu worth the cost?

People who want to watch movies and TV series online will find that Hulu is well worth the money. The streaming service offers a wide variety of films and television programs, adding fresh content daily. Additionally, Hulu provides a live TV streaming service that is comprised of a selection of networks.

Is it free to use Spotify if you have Amazon Prime?

When you signup for Amazon Prime, you will receive a free trial of Spotify Premium for six months. After then, the continuation of using the service would result in a monthly charge of $9.99.

What’s the cheapest way to get Hulu?

If you want to receive Hulu for the lowest possible price, you should subscribe to the version funded by advertisements. You can view episodes despite the commercial interruptions for a monthly fee of $5.99. You can upgrade to a plan that removes advertisements for an additional $11.99 per month if you do not wish to see commercials.

How to deactivate a Hulu account from Spotify?

If you are a subscriber to Spotify Premium for Students, you can terminate your Hulu subscription at any moment immediately from your Spotify account page. Select Your Services from the menu under Account Overview, and then click the Deactivate Hulu button.

How to remove Hulu from Spotify students?

If you subscribe to Spotify Premium for Students, you can terminate your Hulu subscription immediately from your Spotify account page. Select Your Services from the menu under Account Overview, and then click the Deactivate Hulu button. Carrying out this action will only prevent you from using Hulu; your Spotify account should continue functioning normally.


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Has Spotify terminated Hulu?

Does Spotify still come with a Hulu subscription? If you live in the United States, the Spotify Premium Student plan already includes subscriptions to Showtime and Hulu (the latter of which is supported by advertisements). You’ll find the option to activate them on the Spotify account page under “Your Services.”

Does Hulu link up with Spotify?

Your current Hulu account can be combined with your Spotify Premium Student subscription, which now includes Hulu and SHOWTIME, for a total cost of $4.99 per month if you have an active Hulu (ad-supported) plan that does not include any premium network add-ons. This is only possible if you do not have a premium network add-on for your Hulu account (for example, HBO). You make payments to Hulu on your own rather than going through a middleman (for example, Roku or Amazon).

Is it challenging to stop Hulu?

Hulu makes it easy to terminate your subscription if you decide to stop utilizing the service. If you stop using Hulu, your account will continue to work normally until the end of your current billing cycle. After that, you will no longer have a access to the service, but you will still be charged for it.

Are Hulu and Spotify still able to communicate with one another?

Is Hulu no longer included in the Spotify Premium package? The Spotify Premium Student package in the United States includes a subscription to Showtime as well as a version of Hulu that is sponsored by advertisements. “Your Services” is the name of the tab in Spotify that allows you to enable these features.

Why can’t I just cancel Hulu?

Before you can cancel your subscription, you will be required to sign in. Because you aren’t logged in to Hulu, if your name isn’t already visible in the upper right corner of the site, you cannot access the free content.

How do I remove Spotify from Hulu?

Any student who subscribes to Spotify Premium for Students has the ability to cancel their Hulu membership at any time through the Spotify account page. This option is available to all students. After going to the Account Overview tab and clicking on the Your Services subsection, choose Deactivate Hulu. Canceling your Hulu subscription should not affect your ability to use Spotify.