3 Step by Step guideline How to turn off talkback on Samsung


Samsung’s Accessibility features include a talkback/voice assistant that can help the visually impaired. How to turn off talkback on Samsung? Continue reading!

Samsung’s Talkback/Voice Assistant is an accessibility feature that reads out selections, selections, and enabled features to visually impaired and blind users. Now, how do you disable the talkback function on a Samsung phone? Keep reading to learn how to control the talkback features on your Samsung device.

Simultaneously press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons for at least three seconds. Whenever you turn off Talkback/Voice Assistant, a notification should appear on the screen to let you know.

If that doesn’t work, open your device’s Settings and double-tap the Accessibility option. The “Screen reader” option will become available; tap it twice, and then tap Voice Assistant until the latter’s outline turns blue. If you wish to disable this option, click the “Turn Off” button here. Say “Hey Google,” followed by “Turn off TalkBack,” or “Hey Google,” followed by “Turn on TalkBack,” to activate or deactivate the feature, respectively.

How to disable Samsung Voice Assistant using settings?

You can also disable the talkback feature using the system settings on your Samsung device. If you have talkback enabled on your Samsung mobile device, then a single tap will not function properly.

The text that needs to be spoken back to you will be highlighted after a single tap, and the following tap will confirm the action. After your phone has enabled talkback, you will need to tap the screen twice to select anything.

After activating talkback on your Samsung mobile device, you won’t even be able to scroll the content of your phone with just one finger; instead, you’ll need to use both fingers to move up and down the page.

Now, just follow these easy steps to turn off the talkback feature on your Samsung:

  • To access the system settings, simply double-tap the Setting icon.
  • To open the Accessibility option, simply double-tap on it.
  • Double-tap the Talkback option to activate it.
  • Merely giving the switch a double tap will turn off the talkback.
  • You have all done.

Can TalkBack on Android be disabled permanently?

Disabling TalkBack on an Android device can be done in simple steps. You can disable it by using the volume keys, Google Assistant, or the Accessibility settings on your device, whichever you prefer. The following is a rundown of the three ways. You can also get more information about turn off TalkBack. TalkBack can be disabled on Android.

Before you begin, you should be aware that the steps may vary slightly depending on the Android phone you are using, the version of Android you are using, or the version of the TalkBack app you are using. The steps, however, are simple enough to carry out.

Method 1: How to disable TalkBack with volume keys?

Utilizing the volume buttons on your Android device is the quickest way to disable the TalkBack feature. You will see an option to enable an Accessibility shortcut for TalkBack on your phone while you are in the process of setting it up. If enabled, you can use the volume buttons to turn TalkBack off whenever you want.

  • Find the keys that control the volume on your device.
  • Keep pressing and holding both keys for the volume for three seconds.
  • You will be able to make out the theTalkBackvoice saying “TalkBack OFF.” This indicates that the accessibility feature on your device has been turned off.

If you’re having trouble turning off TalkBack on Android using the accessibility shortcut for the volume key, try the following method.

Method 2: Disable TalkBack in Accessibility settings

The second option, which is also the most common, is to use the Settings app to turn off TalkBack on an Android device. You have to navigate to the Accessibility settings and turn off the TalkBack function there.

Note: Because TalkBack has already been activated, you need to double-tap anywhere on the screen to select anything. Remember this, and then turn off TalkBack by following these steps.

  • Start the app to configure your device’s settings.
  • Simply select the Accessibility option.
  • TapTalkBack
  • To use TalkBack, toggle the switch that is located next to it.
  • Finally, select the STOP button to completely turn off TalkBack on your Android device. 

Method 3: Disabling TalkBack with Google Assistant

Talking to the Assistant is another option for turning TalkBack off on Android, in addition to going into the device’s settings or holding down the two volume buttons for three seconds in rapid succession.

  • Start the Assistant using whatever method you prefer.
  • You should be able to receive a response confirming the request after you state, “Turn off talk back.”

How can talkback be turned off without changing Samsung settings?

  • Maintaining pressure on the up and down volume keys is required.
  • Once the notification that the function has been deactivated appears, release both buttons.

You also have the option to disable talkback on Samsung mobile by going to apps >> settings >> accessibility >> voice control and then sliding the power to the off position. If you can access the settings on your phone after the option has been activated, you will be able to do this. To accomplish this, ensure that you are using all three fingers simultaneously.

Samsung enables talkback

Simply maintain a long press on both the up and down volume keys simultaneously using the volume keys, and keep doing so until the voice control enabled notification appears. You also have the option to do so by navigating to apps >> settings >> accessibility >> voice control >> and then sliding the toggle to the on position. Get more information about Turn TalkBack / Screen Reader On.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: How to Turn TalkBack On/Off?

As a member of the Samsung Galaxy Note series, Samsung Electronics is responsible for designing, developing, and marketing the Android-powered phablet smartphone known as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It was presented to the public on August 9, 2018, as the follow-up device to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The display on Note 9 is a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED panel with a resolution of 1440p and an aspect ratio of 18.5:9. In all other respects, the design of the front of the phone is comparable to that of Note 8, and it features what Samsung refers to as an “Infinity Display.”

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 or Samsung Exynos 9810 system-on-chip (SoC) powers the Note 9, depending on whether you are in the United States or China. It is available with either 128 or 512 gigabytes of storage space. The model with 128 GB comes with 6 GB of RAM, while the model with 512 GB has 8 GB of RAM. Each model comes equipped with a microSD card, which brings the total potential storage capacity of the phone up to a terabyte.

In addition to having a 3.5 mm headphone jack and AKG-tuned stereo speakers compatible with Dolby Atmos, Note 9 has a water and dust resistance rating of IP68. It also has a USB-C connector that supports Samsung DeX without needing a dock.

By carrying out the following procedures:

  • Swipe up from the Home screen to access all of the apps on your device.
  • Go to the Settings menu, then select Accessibility.
  • Tap either the “TalkBack” or “Vision” button.
  • Simply tapping the TalkBack switch will either turn the on switch on or turn the off switch off.
  • On some devices, TalkBack is also referred to as the Voice Assistant.
  • If you have Google Voice turned on, you can ask Google Assistant to disable TalkBack on your device.
  • Tap the OK/TURN ON button if prompted to do so.
  • When TalkBack is enabled, tapping the lock icon on the front screen and then double-tapping to enter the lock code is the way to access the lock screen.

How to end talkback in Samsung? or How to turn off talkback on Samsung?

  • Launch the device’s configuration menu.
  • Go to the Accessibility menu. TalkBack.
  • Modify the setting for “Use TalkBack.”
  • Please click the OK button.

How to turn off talkback on the Samsung lock screen?

Both volume controls should be on the side of your device.

Hold down the volume down and volume up keys at the same time for three seconds.

To make sure you want that change, press and hold the volume buttons for three seconds.

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How to remove talkback on Samsung A20?

  • Access the device’s configuration menu.
  • The Accessibility option should be chosen. TalkBack.
  • Adjust the slider to enable or disable TalkBack.
  • Click the Accept button.

How to Turn TalkBack or Voice Assistant on Samsung A41/A42/A40?

You can use the shortcut for the Volume Keys or navigate to Settings on your phone to enable or disable TalkBack on your device. Simply ensure that you follow the steps that are listed below.

  • Step 1: Select the Settings menu.
  • Step 2: Make sure that Accessibility is selected.
  • Step 3: Select TalkBack from the menu.
  • Step 4: Toggle the TalkBack switch to turn it on or off.

Furthermore, the Volume Keys shortcut can activate or deactivate TalkBack, as previously mentioned. Any time TalkBack is activated or deactivated, you can find out by holding the Volume Down and Volume Up keys for a few seconds.

To enable or disable the shortcut, select Settings > Accessibility > TalkBack and then use the toggle switch to turn the TalkBack shortcut On or Off.

Samsung Galaxy A40, A42, and A41: How to Switch the TalkBack Language?

First, access the Text-to-Speech settings by clicking the TalkBack Settings button.

Second, go to the Language tab and pick the language you want to use.

How to Alter the Rate and Pitch of Speech

Start by modifying the Speech rate and Pitch in the Text-to-speech settings section of TalkBack.


If you want to deactivate the talkback or voice control settings, the quickest and easiest way is to use the shortcut volume keys. You need to check the volume buttons on your device to find a solution to this problem. The screen is challenging to navigate when the feature is turned on. If none of the keys work, resetting your Samsung device might be helpful; however, you must create a backup of your important data.  Weirdnewsera that you might not find any other platform which gives you all content about health sports business technology and entertainment. 


How do I disable TalkBack on my Samsung without settings?

Read on to learn how to activate TalkBack, turn it off, and create a shortcut. The volume buttons double as a toggle for TalkBack. Hold down the Volume Down and Volume Up keys simultaneously for a few seconds to be informed of the status of TalkBack.

Why does my phone keep getting TalkBack?

To ensure that Talkback is enabled, open the same accessibility settings and look for a “Volume key shortcut” near the top of the screen. Delete the service if yes. That ought to do the trick and fix the problem.

Why does TalkBack even exist?

TalkBack, which has been around since 2009, is an accessibility app for people who are blind or visually impaired that reads text on a screen aloud, helps users navigate apps, and allows them to use braille, voice, and keyboard input to communicate.

What exactly does Samsung’s TalkBack feature do?

TalkBack, also known as Voice Assistant, is a feature designed to help those with visual impairments. You can use your phone or tablet hands-free by listening to verbal confirmations of your actions.