How To Update Apps On Samsung Smart TV?


How To Update Apps On Samsung Smart TV? Screens for many different brands of televisions are manufactured by Samsung, which is widely regarded as the world’s premier screen maker. However, their smart apps and the entire ecosystem of their smart TVs have a lot of room for improvement.

People’s media consumption habits have improved as a result of the introduction of smart TVs. Set-top boxes, media servers, and even dongles purchased from a third party are no longer necessities for anyone. Why should you purchase additional hardware if you are able to watch Netflix or Hulu straight on your television?

Regardless, a television set can only be considered smart if the apps installed on it are kept current and function as intended. These are the necessities, in addition to having a respectable internet connection, for making use of your smart TV.

How To Update Apps On Samsung Smart TV?

Since providers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, PLEX, HBO Now, YouTube, and Spotify, along with many more, have developed apps that are compatible with Samsung smart TVs, there is really no need for anything else. On the other hand, you might find that the expanded functionality of certain devices, such as the Chromecast with Google TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick 4K, or even a Roku, is more to your liking.

How To Update Apps On Samsung Smart TV?

It is necessary to have a working knowledge of how to update the Samsung TV apps and system software; this is because performance reliability is dependent on regular software upgrades. The first thing we’ll cover is how to update the apps on your Samsung TV.


Updating Apps on Your Samsung Smart TV

Setting your Samsung smart TV’s apps to automatically update is the simplest way to ensure that they are always running the most recent version. When you turn on the TV, the Samsung OS will look for updates, just like it does when you turn on your phone, computer, or tablet. Depending on the selection, it will also seek updates at defined intervals. That way, you won’t even have to give it a second thought to ensure that they are always up to date. Here is how to set your Samsung TV apps to automatically update when new versions become available.

  1. Press the “Smart Hub” or “Home” button on your TV remote—models vary based on TV.
  2. Select “Apps” from the menu.
  3. Select “My Apps,” then “Options” from the following menu.
  4. Turn on “Auto Update.”

Following the methods outlined above will ensure that your application software is always kept at the most recent version, allowing you to focus on other, more pressing matters. The disadvantage of enabling auto-update is that there is typically a momentary pause before you are able to access the Smart Hub after turning on your TV for the very first time. You will notice a notification that reads something to the effect of “Your Smart Hub is presently updating and is unavailable.” If you give it a minute, that notification will stop appearing.

On the other hand, in comparison, their smart TV apps and the rest of the ecosystem surrounding smart TVs had a lot of room for improvement.

In recent years, the adoption of smart TVs has led to an improvement in the way in which customers watch various forms of media.

The vast majority of individuals no longer require the use of set-top boxes, media servers, or even dongles manufactured by third parties.

If you can view Netflix or Hulu directly on your television, there is no reason to buy any additional equipment.

In any case, the intelligence of a smart TV is proportional to the sophistication of its applications, which, in order to be termed smart, must operate correctly and be kept current.

These are the requirements, in addition to having a stable internet connection, for effectively utilizing a smart TV in your home.

There is no reason to use anything else in this day and age given that streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, PLEX (for HBO Now), YouTube (for music), and Spotify are all accessible on Samsung smart TVs and there is no purpose to use anything else.

It’s possible that the improved capability of certain devices, like the Chromecast with Google TV, the Apple TV, the Amazon Fire Stick 4K, or even a Roku, will appeal to you.

It is essential to have a solid understanding of how to complete the necessary Samsung TV app and system software upgrades because the dependable operation requires both of these types of updates to be installed.

The next step in the process of keeping the apps on your Samsung television up to date is to get started.

If you wish to update your apps in a more hands-on manner, you can do so by opening “My Apps” as described above and navigating to the top menu. You should notice a box labeled “Update” a few lines along with the Options button. If you select that, you will be presented with a list of applications that require an update. You can then choose one of them or choose all of them and let the others update.

Bringing Your Samsung Smart TV Up to Date

Aside from keeping the apps on your Samsung HDTV up to current, the operating system itself receives periodic updates to address bugs and performance concerns, as well as to enhance the TV’s general usefulness.

It is likely that you will be required to do an update on the television in order to obtain a new version of the Smart Hub and, as a result, new updates for some applications that would not be able to be updated in any other circumstance.

You might get lucky and be able to update your TV by going into the Settings menu and selecting the appropriate option.


If this is the case, you will need to manually download the most recent software from Samsung, install it onto a USB stick, and then direct the TV to execute an update on itself.

There are currently available updates via the internet:

First, you’ll need to power on your television and then navigate to the “Settings” section.

Choose “Support” from the menu that drops down, and then “Software Update” after that.

Choose “Update Now” from the drop-down menu if there is an available update for the program.

It is not always required to install an update, and there is a possibility that the television will fail to detect an update even if there is one available.

You should also be able to select the option for automatic updates under the menu that is designated for Software Updates.


If you want all of your information to be up to date, you can choose to have this option activated.

There may be variances in the appearance of the menus as well as access to services such as system and app updates, among other things, depending on the year your Samsung device was manufactured and the version of the Samsung Menu and Smart Hub software that it uses.

You can get help with your Samsung Smart TV by consulting either the printed user guide or the on-screen electronic manual. If you are unsure of the particular steps that need to be taken, consult the user guide.

Updating Your Samsung Smart TV

In addition to keeping the apps on your Samsung HDTV up to date, the operating system itself frequently has to be updated in order to fix bugs, improve functionality, and provide new features. It’s possible that you’ll need to upgrade the TV itself in order to acquire an updated version of the Smart Hub and, as a result, new updates to certain apps that wouldn’t be able to update otherwise. If you’re fortunate, the Settings menu on your TV will allow you to execute an update on the device. In such a case, you will need to manually download the most recent software from Samsung, transfer it to a USB drive, and then instruct the TV to update itself.

Updating over the internet:

  1. Turn on your TV and select “Settings.”
  2. Select “Support” and then “Software Update.”
  3. Select “Update Now” if there is an update available.

There is no guarantee that a new update will be available for installation, and even if there is, the TV might not discover it. Within the “Software Update” menu, you should also be able to find a setting for automatic updates. If you would like everything to be kept up to date, you can select that option to do so.

The process of updating your TV through USB is not difficult, but it does take some time if you are required to do so.

  1. Navigate to the Samsung Support website.
  2. Enter the model number of your TV into the search box.
  3. Select “Manuals” and download the corresponding file to your PC.
  4. Select your TV model from the list.
  5. Select “Downloads” to get the latest software onto your device.
  6. Load that software onto an empty USB stick.
  7. Plug the USB stick into your TV and let it detect it.
  8. Select “Settings and Support” from the TV menu.
  9. Select “Software Update” and then “Update Now.”
  10. Point the TV at the USB drive and let the TV update.

Depending on how far behind the times your TV actually is, updating a Samsung TV through the use of USB can take some time. There is a progress bar displayed on the screen, however, it occasionally stops moving and then quickly advances. If you notice that the process has stopped moving forward, wait a little time before interfering with it.

Keep in mind that over time, some applications may become incompatible with the most recent OS updates, despite the fact that Samsung smart TVs come with a diverse and well-balanced selection of apps to choose from. The problem is widespread across all brands, but it is particularly severe with LG televisions and much more so with their Blu-ray players. It is well knowledge that LG does not offer very many software upgrades, partly because of their more recent webOS system but even more so for their previous Netcast system.

If you want to be sure that your Samsung HDTV apps are always up to current, setting them to automatically update is still your best bet. On the other hand, not every program can be updated. Because automatic updates make life easier in general, you won’t even have to contemplate the option of manually intervening in the process.

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