Issues Arise with Samsung Galaxy Wearable App on Pixel Phones After January 2024 Update


Samsung is currently grappling with an unusual challenge affecting its Galaxy Wearable app, a key component in the Wear OS ecosystem. Reports have surfaced, indicating that certain users of Pixel smartphones are encountering difficulties accessing the app crucial for linking Samsung’s smartwatches with Android devices.

Numerous users have recently shared their device issues on the Google Pixel and Galaxy Watch subreddits (via Android Police). It appears that problems arose after the release of the January 2024 update for Pixel devices, pointing to this update as a potential cause.

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The specific problem revolves around users being unable to access the Galaxy Wearable app, leading to difficulties in managing their Galaxy Watches. Moreover, the bug has further impacted the watches, causing them to unpair from Pixels and resist reconnecting stubbornly.

The affected models include the Galaxy Watch 4, 5, and the latest 6 models, suggesting a potentially widespread problem. While 9to5Google has identified similar issues with certain Galaxy phones, the problem seems to have a limited scope at the moment.

Some users have suggested potential solutions, such as adjusting the date to December 31, 2023, to gain access to the app. However, the effectiveness of this solution remains uncertain, and it’s unclear if the user proposing it encountered the issue after the recent January 2024 update.

As of now, neither Samsung nor Google has officially acknowledged the issue, leaving the timeline for a resolution uncertain. If the fault lies with the Pixel January update, a potential solution might be included in a forthcoming update for Pixel phones. Alternatively, Samsung could expedite the process by releasing a new version of the Galaxy Wearable app with the necessary fix. As users anxiously await a resolution, this situation underscores the complexities inherent in the Android-Wear OS ecosystem.