Samsung’s Galaxy S23 FE Hits the Market, Surpassing Expected Price Point


Samsung’s Galaxy S23 FE was introduced this week with an unexpected twist – a higher price tag than initially promised for its “Fan Edition” device. Despite the excitement around its launch, the Galaxy S23 FE comes equipped with an outdated Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and rather unremarkable specifications. The key selling point of this phone was its affordable price, which was set at $599 upon its announcement. At that price point, it stood as a strong competitor against the Google Pixel 7 (since replaced by the Pixel 8).

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However, for some undisclosed reason, the price has been revised upward. As reported by Digital Trends, the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE in the United States is now available at $629, a $30 increase from the previously announced price. It’s unusual to witness such a price adjustment between a phone’s announcement and its actual release, especially when the gap is only a matter of weeks. The launch has also revealed a price of $690 for the 256GB model, which Samsung had not mentioned previously.

Samsung has explained that the price difference stems from a distinction between carrier and unlocked models. Carrier models are still priced at $599, while the unlocked version is now at $629 on Samsung’s website. Strangely, this is the first instance where Samsung has charged more for an unlocked device compared to carrier versions.

Adding to the confusion, the $599 price for unlocked models is still available on Amazon and Best Buy, even though Samsung’s website lists the higher price of $629. The only discernible difference between Samsung’s store and other retailers is that Samsung offers two exclusive colors, but the price remains consistent across all color options.

Further clarity on this retail pricing discrepancy is currently pending, as Samsung has yet to provide a comprehensive explanation. However, for consumers looking to purchase the Galaxy S23 FE, buying from Amazon or Best Buy seems to be the most cost-effective choice. Both retailers are offering a $100 gift card along with the purchase of the $599 Galaxy S23 FE.