Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat hurts his knee during a play-in game


Jimmy Butler, the guard for Miami, was hurt during the first half of the Heat’s Play-In Tournament loss to the 76ers. He claims he will need an MRI on his right knee.

When Butler attempted to deceive Kelly Oubre Jr. on a bucket late in the first quarter, his knee gave way and he tumbled to the floor. The Heat star, who guided the team to the NBA Finals the previous season, looked to be Oubre’s target.

Butler remarked, “I guess my knee just didn’t do well because I fell and he landed.” “I’m not sure. I can assure you that the feeling is not positive.

Butler made the first free throw, let out a breath, and missed the second. Even though he finished the game with 19 points, Philadelphia won 105-104 on Wednesday night.

Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat hurts his knee during a play-in game

On Friday night, the Heat will host the winner of Chicago vs. Atlanta’s late play-in game, with the winner receiving the No. 8 seed.

Butler stated, “We just need to get one, and then we’ll worry about the next one.”

It was unclear at first whether Butler would be able to play.

Butler remarked, “It sucked with the timing of the game and everything because it felt like I couldn’t do too much.” “Hopefully, I’m doing well. I’m hoping that when I wake up in the morning, I can still move and stick.

I’m unable to maintain that at this time.

Former Sixer Butler averaged 20.8 points per game while playing with the Heat. The 34-year-old Butler explained that he continued to play because he believed that his “adrenaline would kick back in” and that he would be well enough to perform at his customary level.

Butler finished the game 5 of 18 from the field, but he only scored two points in the fourth quarter as the Heat fell apart.”It simply wasn’t true,” he stated. “I was unable to take any action on the ball’s side. I believe that in reality, I did more harm to us than good.