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Jimmy Galante Net Worth: James Galante, also known as Jimmy Galante, is a convicted felon in the United States. He was the owner of the Danbury Trashers, a minor league hockey team that no longer exists. In addition to that, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of Automated Garbage Disposal (AWD) for a number of years. 

AWD is in charge of the waste disposal contracts for the majority of Western Connecticut, as well as Westchester and Putnam counties in New York. It is anticipated that James Galante will have a net worth of around $3 million by the year 2022.

After the debut of the most recent episode of Untold sports documentaries on Netflix on August 30, 2021, James Galante emerged as the primary focus of the interest. The documentary focused on the history of the hockey team known as the Danbury Trashers, which James had purchased and then given to his son, who was then 17 years old.

Jimmy Galante Net Worth: How Rich is James Galante Actually?

Full Name James Galante
Birth Date January 1953
Birth Place Bronx, New York, U. S.
Profession Convicted felony, businessman
Wife Roseanne
Net Worth $3 million

Early life

James Galante was born in the month of January in the Bronx, which is located in the state of New York, United States. He has not offered any background information on his early life, including his parents or his academic history.

Jimmy Galante Net Worth & Career,

In the beginning, Jimmy was a member of the Air Force. In 1975, he was given a release from the Air Force that was honorable. After that, he worked for a sanitation company as a driver for a period of several years. He established Automated Waste Disposal in May of 1979 in Danbury, Connecticut, in the United States. He was successful in constructing a sizable commercial conglomerate in a relatively short period of time.

The waste management corporation was responsible for disposing of 80 percent of the rubbish in Southern and Western Connecticut, as well as in the counties of Westchester and Putnam. It was estimated that the commercial empire was worth more than one hundred million dollars.

When the FBI began looking into Jimmy for possible connections to organized crime, Jimmy’s once prosperous business career came to an abrupt halt. In 1999, he was taken into custody for the first time and sentenced to a year in prison for tax evasion.

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In 2005, the FBI conducted a raid at one of his enterprises, and as a result of the raid, agents discovered a significant quantity of money and evidence. Over seventy different crimes, including racketeering, wire fraud, and mail fraud, were alleged to have been committed by him. After that, he was suspected of paying quarterly payments to Matthew Ianniello, the head of the Genovese family crime, in order to eliminate any competitors that stood in the way of their company.

In addition to this, Jimmy was accused of setting fire to a competitor’s truck in 1999 and holding the driver hostage at gunpoint. In addition to this, he was given a sentence of 87 months in jail when he acknowledged paying the players of his hockey club, the Danbury Trashers, more money over the league’s salary maximum of $275,000 in order to depict them as no-show employees in his company.

After serving a little under six years behind bars, Galante was finally freed from federal prison in 2014. Even after he was set free, the majority of his possessions had already been taken by the government. Jimmy was unable to maintain control of his 25 firms, which collectively had a value of more than $100 million at the time.

In a similar vein, he was unable to recover his collection of racing cars and his other properties in Southbury, Connecticut. Despite this, he was granted permission to run the one business he owned, which was called Enviro Solutions, and did not operate from his primary commercial regions of Connecticut and New York.

Jimmy Galante Personal Life

Roseanne Galante is Jimmy Galante’s wife, and they’ve been married for a while now. He is a father to two kids thanks to his successful marriage. Jimmy Galante has referred to his son AJ Galante as the love of his life in the most recent documentary that is available on Netflix.

Jimmy Galante Net Worth: How Rich is James Galante Actually?

Even a minor league hockey team for his son, the Danbury Trashers, was purchased by him. The hockey squad is well-known for its reputation for playing in a rough manner. His son, AJ, took over as general manager of the ice hockey team when he was only 17 years old.

Jimmy Galante Net Worth

It is anticipated that Jimmy Galante’s personal worth would be close to three million dollars by the year 2022. If the government hadn’t taken the majority of his assets when he was caught and convicted, his net worth would have been greater than one hundred million dollars.


Can we get an estimate of AJ Galante’s wealth, please?

American hockey team manager for the Danbury Trashers and professional boxing promoter. His father, Jimmy Galante, is the reason for his fame. His father has a fortune of about $3 million, according to estimates.

What happened to Jimmy Galante’s wealth?

It is believed that James Galante has a net worth of $3 million. American businessman and internet celebrity James. In addition to being the owner of the minor league hockey organization, he founded and served as CEO of an automated garbage collection firm.

Does Galante serve as inspiration for the Sopranos?

Both Tony Soprano and Jimmy Galante are depicted in the film as operating highly profitable waste disposal enterprises that are not entirely above board legally. His entire life has been full of vivid detail and interesting twists. Listening to him discuss it was intriguing in and of itself.