LG Unveils the World’s First Wireless Transparent OLED TV


At the recent Consumer Electronics Show, LG unveiled its groundbreaking Signature OLED T TV. Billed as “the world’s first wireless transparent OLED TV,” the innovation features a 77-inch OLED screen using organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology commonly found in televisions and smartphones.

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What sets the Signature OLED T apart from others is its transparency, which eliminates the need to be placed against a wall like conventional TVs. When switched off, it serves as a subtle room divider or can be placed next to a window without obstructing the view. LG points out that when the TV is off, it becomes virtually invisible, seamlessly blending into the environment and solving the challenge of dealing with a distinctively dark screen.

The TV uses wireless video and audio transmission via the LG Zero Connect Box, which enables the transmission of 4K images and audio without the limitations of electrical outlets. The AI ​​processor enhances image quality and allows users to switch between transparent and opaque settings based on their content preferences.

Transparent TV screen by LG

LG’s innovative design includes its widgets, such as an “information ticker” displaying weather updates and news alerts at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, users have the option to turn the entire screen into an animated aquarium.

The Signature OLED T is available as a standalone TV or in a wall-to-wall configuration. LG’s display at the Consumer Electronics Show also features a two-legged home robot on wheels that uses artificial intelligence to operate, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to cutting-edge technology. The event is known for unveiling the latest advances in consumer electronics, and LG’s transparent OLED TV stands out as a notable addition to this year’s show.