Lionel Messi’s World Cup performance causes Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni to cry.


Lionel Messi’s World Cup performance causes Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni to cry. As Lionel Messi motivated his team to go to the World Cup final, Argentina manager Lionel Scaloni was brought to tears.

Argentina defeated Croatia 3-0 on Tuesday in the semifinals, with Lionel Messi scoring Argentina’s first goal from the penalty spot. Manchester City forward Julian Alvarez added the other two goals, the latter coming off an exquisite Messi pass.

After the final horn, Scaloni was seen hugging his captain. After a hug from the No. 10, he brushed away his tears as the thought of making it to Sunday’s final hit home.

After the game, Scaloni addressed whether Messi is the best player ever, saying: “Sometimes it can look like we only say it as Argentineans, but I don’t have any doubt.

“Every time he plays, it inspires his teammates to do well. Nothing more needs to be said about Messi; having him is a pleasure.

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Regarding leading his team to the championship, he continued, “It’s hard to put this into words. As an Argentine, this is what I’ve always desired. It is emotional, and our community is incredibly supporting us. Making history with us. Although it’s a fascinating development, a step must be taken. Although it’s a time to enjoy ourselves, we must start planning for the future.

After the victory, Messi praised the wit of his teammates, stating they understood to target Croatia on the counter-attack.

This team is sage. We are aware of what to do at all times during the game. We were aware that the Croatians would control the ball, but we also understood that this would work to our advantage, the player remarked.

“When they lose the ball and leave lots of spaces, they can become disorganized at times.”

The boss started crying after that.

He continued, “To see these individuals, the family thought the World Cup was something fantastic.” about his team’s victory.

We have arrived at our desired location. We initially struggled, but we urged the crowd to believe in us since we were confident, saying things like, “This group is crazy; we did it. It’s the best for me because it makes me think of my family. Despite our difficult circumstances, we had the chance to witness something extraordinary tonight.

After going 26 games without losing, “I would say the first match was a big blow for all of us,” he remarked.

“Starting that way was an acid test for our team since we didn’t imagine we would lose to Saudi Arabia, but we have shown how strong we are. ” Every game has been a final for us, which has made it incredibly challenging and mentally taxing. But fortunately, we’ve played in five finals and won them all. I’m hoping we take the sixth one.