What happened to Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya?


Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, and his wife Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya have both confirmed that their marriage has ended.

After going to see a ballet performance together, the pair decided to make the news of their divorce public on Russian state television. They had been married for 30 years. Mr. Putin stated that the choice was made by the two of them together: “we barely see each other, each of us has our own life.”

Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya, Vladimir Putin's wife

For the better part of three decades, Vladimir Putin called Lyudmila Putin his wife. They first connected in Leningrad, tied the knot in 1983, and then relocated to East Germany, where her new spouse worked for the KGB.

They went back to Russia when the Iron Curtain fell, and that was the beginning of Vladimir Putin’s extraordinary journey to become the most powerful person in the country, if not on the planet.

But throughout Vladimir’s reign in Moscow, Lyudmila made fewer and fewer public appearances as time went on. There were wild allegations that he had taken her away to a convent, which were reported in the Russian press.

The performance of the ballet “La Esmeralda” was held at the Kremlin in June of 2013, and the pair was in attendance. They made the announcement to the press during the intermission that they would be getting a divorce.

Since that time, the Russians have not received much new information regarding Lyudmila. The press secretary for Vladimir Putin declined to address any questions regarding her personal life, and the biography of Russia’s president that was published by the Kremlin omitted any reference to her.

However, a large number of average individuals continued to be attracted by her and anxious to learn more about the woman who may have been the only person to get closer to Putin than anyone else.

Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya, Vladimir Putin’s wife

In recent months, Mrs. Putin has been seen in public only on a very seldom basis, which sparked widespread conjecture in the Russian media.

It is well known that she detests the spotlight, and she admitted to the television reporter that she has trouble with flying. She stated that Vladimir Vladimirovich is entirely submerged in work, and I believed her.

She stated that the divorce was “civilized” and that the two will “always remain close” to one another after the breakup.

“I owe Vladimir a great deal of gratitude… for the fact that he continues to support me. And with the children, he has a genuine concern for them, and the children are aware of this, “Additionally, she said.

Mr. Putin stated on television that the two are no longer cohabitating together as a couple.

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“We are going to remain in very close proximity to one another at all times. I am sure, forever, “he said.

The year 1983 marked the year when Vladimir Putin and Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya tied the knot. Maria and Yekaterina, their daughters, are both in their 20s and they have two daughters.

Mrs. Putin continued by saying, “Our children have grown up; they each have their own life.”

On May 7, 2012, she and Mr. Putin were spotted together for the last time. They were attending his inauguration for his third term as president.


Mrs. Putin has referred to the breakup of her marriage as a “civilized divorce,” but neither party has stated whether or not their marriage has been legally dissolved.

The news was made after the couple had previously been to the Kremlin Palace to watch the ballet Esmeralda; however, they only stayed for the first act of the performance.

According to the BBC’s Steve Rosenberg, who is based in Moscow, the declaration made on Thursday validates what has been speculated for a number of years, namely, that the Putins have been experiencing difficulties in their marriage.

However, many Russians have been taken aback by the news since they are not accustomed to seeing their leaders go through the process of divorce. This is despite the fact that Russia has one of the highest divorce rates in the world, as our correspondent points out.

Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Ocheretnaya, Vladimir Putin's wife

According to him, the subject “will Russia’s president marry again?” has already taken the lead as the most popular topic of discussion on Russian blogs.

There was a time when the Putins’ marriage was the topic of discussion and debate.

In 2008, Mr. Putin dispelled rumors that he had quietly divorced and was intending to marry former Olympic gymnast Alina Kabayeva. Rumors had circulated that he had secretly divorced in the previous year.


What became Putin’s wife?

On June 6, 2013, she and Putin publicly declared the end of their marriage, citing a mutual decision.

Putin, do you have a law degree?

Education. Putin earned a law degree from Leningrad State University named after Andrei Zhdanov (now Saint Petersburg State University) in 1975.

In Russia, how long can you be president?

The president is directly elected to a six-year term by popular vote. The Russian Constitution previously established a term limit for the presidency, limiting the officeholder to no more than two terms.