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Los Angeles, California is where Justin Qualley was born. Justin Qualley is also famous due to the fact that his mother Andie MacDowell is famous.

Andie MacDowell is the name of Justin Qualley’s mother, and Paul Qualley is the name of their father. Paul Qualley is Andie MacDowell’s former husband. Justin Qualley was named after his father.

There were three children born to Justin Qualley’s parents, and he is the oldest of the three children. It is also possible to state that among his brothers and sisters, Justin Qualley has shown himself to be the most wonderful son.

Justin Qualley: Andie MacDowell's Son Life Aspects That You Didn’t Know Before

Justin Qualley was born into a family in which both of his parents were prominent members of the A-list of Hollywood actors and actresses during the time of his birth.

Later on, Justin Qualley’s sisters did highly daring jobs in the profession as well, with their mother serving as an example for them to emulate.

Instead of focusing on his relationship with his sisters, Justin gave more attention to his acting career in the Hollywood film industry. It is also true that the majority of the time, Qualley’s sisters are featured in the media, and the personality of Justin Qualley is frequently obscured from the view of the general public.

Justin Qualley Age, Nationality, and Birth Year

Justin is 34 years old His full name is Justin Qualley, and he was born in the year 1986. He is an American national. In addition to this, Justin Qualley is of the white race, and he has previous experience working in the real estate industry.

As was said previously, Justin Qualley is the offspring of Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley. Paul Qualley is his father, while Andie MacDowell is his mother. When discussing the subject of family, it is necessary to bring up Justin Qualley’s other siblings as well.

Justin Qualley Siblings, Parents, And Social Media

Both of Justin Qualley’s sisters have established successful careers in the entertainment world thanks to their striking good looks and devoted followings of fans. The first sister of Justin Qualley is known by the name Rainey Qualley, and their second sister is known by the name Margaret Qualley; both of them are well-known members of the group known as the Qualley Sisters.

Let us also tell you that Justin Qualley’s official Instagram username, which is @justinqualley, can be found in the previous sentence. Justin Qualley is more active on social media and on the platform Instagram.

Aside from this, Justin Qualley avoids the attention of the media as much as possible, and he does not particularly enjoy being in the spotlight. And Justin Qualley spends most of his time away from the scrutiny of the media focusing on the enjoyment of his personal life.

Fans of Justin Qualley learn more about him through his many social media platforms, as Justin is rarely seen in public. We are aware that there is very little information accessible about Justin Qualley; yet, despite this fact, we have conducted extensive research on this celebrity in order to provide you with the following data.

What Date Is Justin Qualley’s Birthday?

The year 1986 was the one in which Justin Qualley was born, as we have already informed you. You have not yet been provided with precise information regarding Justin Qualley’s date of birth, so let us inform you of this. The 14th of August is the day that Justin Qualley celebrates his birthday. He was born in the month of August 1986.

Where Are Justin Qualley’s GrandParents From?

Although Justin Qualley’s parents were born in the United States, both his grandfather and grandmother were born in different parts of England. The grandparents of Justin Qualley lived in Ireland, England, and France, and they sent their children to the United States of America so that they may experience freedom and independence there.

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Because of some ailment, Justin Qualley’s grandmother as well as Andie MacDowell’s mother developed an addiction to alcohol and eventually grew quite dependent on it.

Andie MacDowell’s health was in very poor shape while Justin Qualley was being born, so she was hospitalized.

On the occasion of her son’s 35th birthday, Andie MacDowell, who is Justin’s mother, disclosed this information to the press. Andie MacDowell has stated that she was experiencing a particularly challenging health condition at the time that Justin Qualley was born.

The joy that Justin’s mother feels stems from the fact that her son has been able to celebrate 35 successful years of his life. She issued this message on her Instagram account, in which she wrote a lengthy letter expressing her love for Justin Qualley. You can find the message here.

Andie MacDowell, who is Justin’s mother, confirmed the fact that following the birth of her son, she was completely focused on taking care of him by starring in and producing the film GroundHog.

Andie MacDowell revealed in an interview with more that she was 27 years old and a resident of New York City when she learned that she was pregnant with Justin’s child.

In addition to that, while she was pregnant, she had to deal with a great deal of trouble and difficulty, which was an entirely new experience for her.

The news that she is going to have a son made her really pleased, but because she is just starting out in the entertainment field, she was also perplexed by it. She is going to be a mother!

Then, Andie MacDowell came to the conclusion that she would rather devote her time to raising a family than continuing her acting career, so she followed her initial inclination and became a mother.

According to Justin Qualley’s mother, this was a time when people did not treat a working woman very well to take care of the children. She added that this was the case throughout this era.

Justin Qualley’s mother – Andie Macdowell was one of Hollywood’s top actresses

The year 1984 marked the year that Justin’s mother made her big screen debut in the film Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan. Her next film, Lord of the Apes, was also an enormous commercial success after this one. Andie MacDowell, who is the mother of Justin Qualley, was cast as the leading lady in the majority of indie films, and she gave her performance with great fervor.

Andie was honored with a number of accolades for her work on these projects, including those for Sex, Videotape, and Lies. As a result of the success of these flicks, Justin’s mother was also recognized with an award for Emerging Best Actress.

Her nomination for the Golden Globe Award in the category of Best Actress is generally regarded as her most significant accomplishment to date.

In addition to providing Hollywood with a large number of outstanding films, Justin’s mother maintained her relationship with the commercial surface for many years. For more than three decades, Andie Macdowell has collaborated with well-known companies such as L’Oreal and Calvin Klein.

Some Interesting Facts About Justin Qualley’s Sisters

Margaret Qualley, who is Justin’s sister, is also an accomplished actor, and she has the same honor as her brother in that she has been nominated for Emmy Awards. Sarah Margaret Qualley is the entire name of this sister of Justin Qualley, in case you were wondering about her identity.

Before she got married, Margaret, Justin’s sister, had been adamant about pursuing a career in the modeling industry.

Margaret Qualley entered the entertainment industry in 2013 with a role in a drama film that was shot in Palo Alto. Today, she is one of the most successful models and actresses in the world.

She then made a number of film appearances, each of which contributed to her rise to prominence thanks to her outstanding work. Margaret has been in a few relationships in the past, and at the moment, she is dating Jack Antonoff, who is a record producer, instrumentalist, and composer. Margaret also has a dating history.

In 2012, Justin’s other sister, Rainey Qualley, made her debut in the entertainment industry. In the year 2012, the title of Miss Golden Globe was awarded to Rainey, who possesses a stunning appearance similar to that of her mother and sister.

She has also established a career in the entertainment business, following in the footsteps of other members of her family. However, it is not expected that she will achieve the same level of renown as her sister.

Guest starring roles have been provided for Rainey in a variety of television shows and films. Additionally, she has composed songs with Twin Shadow and collaborated on the recording of those tracks.

All about Justin Qualley’s Parents

Andie Mac Dowell and Paul Qualley’s son Justin Qualley is a famous actor and the star child of the couple. When Paul was working as a model for GAP’s ads services, that’s how his parents first met. They were both overcome by love, which led to the beginning of their relationship.

Andie Qualley and Paul Qualley tied the knot in 1986, and since then, the couple has been blessed with three kids: Justin Qualley, Margaret Qualley, and Rainey Qualley. Because of his association with Andie, Paul was given a variety of options to advance his modeling career.

Justin Qualley: Andie MacDowell's Son Life Aspects That You Didn’t Know Before

Because neither of them was successful, they decided to end their marriage and get a divorce in 1999. Andie has been involved in romances, but Paul has not remarried.

The Qualley family hails from Norway, and Paul Qualley is Justin’s father. He capitalized on his good looks early in his career by pursuing a career in modeling.

After that, he appeared in a few advertisements and commercials that were broadcast on television. Both Paul’s profession and his fame had a significant boost once he wed Andie MacDowell. Regrettably, this level of renown no longer exists.

He is neither the famous Andie MacDowell’s husband nor does he have a profession in the modeling industry. Because he did not get a lot of satisfaction out of modeling, he decided to give up the profession. He started a new life in the corporate world.

Paul has a ranching operation in the state of Montana, where he resides. It has not been reported in the public that he has remarried or that he has any other significant relationships.

Andie MacDowell, who is Justin’s mother, is a well-known actor and actress in the entertainment world. Andie’s devoted following can be found in every region of the globe. She is widely regarded as one of the best actresses and models of her era.

Andie has been very successful in her career, and she places a high value on the relationships she has with her family. Following her divorce from Paul, she is now married to her second husband, Rhett Hartzog. After only three years of marriage, however, this couple also decided to divorce and end their marriage.

Andie is still active in the acting industry, where she is producing outstanding work while contributing to some very remarkable projects.

Despite the fact that Justin’s parents are no longer together, Justin and his sisters still have a close relationship with both of their parents which is both powerful and beautiful.

Justin Qualley’s Net Worth

Additionally, it was revealed before that Justin Qualley is involved in the real estate industry. There is evidence to suggest that he is successful in that endeavor and brings in a respectable quantity of revenue.

Earnings for Justin come to approximately $92,308 every year. In addition to that, he has placed his earnings in profitable investments in order to increase his wealth and ensure his safety. If we are talking about his mother’s status in terms of net worth, then it is a respectable amount.

Andie MacDowell has accumulated net assets that are valued at $25 million. In addition, his father, Paul Qualley, possesses net assets that are valued at one hundred thousand dollars.

In his home state of California, Justin Qualley enjoys a fulfilling life. In the past, he has made public appearances alongside members of his famous family, including his mother and sisters. Despite this, he chooses to keep his life private, and he is content with this decision.

We sincerely hope that the aforementioned information on Justin Qualley meets all of your requirements and expectations.


Paul Qualley and Andi MacDowell still have a marriage?

Paul Qualley and Andi MacDowell still have a marriage? Three kids were born to the former marriage. In 1999, they got divorced.

Paul Qualley: an actor or not?

Former American model and musician Paul Qualley. Paul Qualley worked as a model for many years, appearing in several commercials and on the catwalk. Paul Qualley was an actor in addition to working as a model.

Andie MacDowell is she wealthy?

MacDowell’s estimated net worth is $20 million, based on Celebrity Net Worth. Even though her acting profession accounts for a large portion of this, her previous modeling work also had a role.