Netanyahu vows to resist US pressure and launch Rafah assault-follow live


US President Joe Biden is planning to call this kind of assault a “red line,” but Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to move forward with the invasion of Rafah despite his warning.

On Saturday, Mr. Biden declared that he could not stand to see “30,000 more Palestinians dead” and that he was against a further assault on Rafah. This southern city is currently home to about half of its 2.3 million inhabitants.

But Mr. Neyanyahu responded on Sunday, saying, “We’ll go there.” We will not abandon them. I have a red line, you know. What is the red line, Do you know? October 7th never occurs again. Never occurs once more.

Additionally, the Israeli prime minister rejected calls for a cease-fire during Ramadan, claiming there had been no “breakthrough in the negotiations.”

We have decimated three-quarters of Hamas’ anti-terrorist units. And the last phase of warfare is almost finished,” he said, adding that combat will not “take more than two months.”