Octavia Spencer has been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Octavia Spencer has been honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Aubie the Tiger, the mascot of Spencer’s alma mater, Auburn University, also attended the ceremony in front of Ballet Hollywood, according to AL.com. According to the Los Angeles Times, fellow actors Viola Davis, Julius Tennon, Mekhi Pfifer, and director Tate Taylor were also present.

“To be forever etched in the mythology of this city and the film industry is an incredible honor,” Spencer said at the ceremony. “It took me a minute to take in the enormity of this moment, the culmination of my dreams realized, hard work rewarded after a healthy dose of failure and rejection.”

Spencer, 52, a Montgomery, Alabama native, was nominated for three Oscars and won one in 2012 for best-supporting actress in the 2011 film “The Help,” in which she played Minnie Jackson, a maid in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1963.

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Spencer was also nominated for best-supporting actress for her roles in “Hidden Figures” and “The Shape of Winter,” making her the first Black actress to receive Academy Award nominations in consecutive years, according to KCBS.

In 1996, she made her film debut as Sandra Bullock’s nurse in “A Time to Kill.”

“She’s a genuine human being.” A good person. “I’m a safe person,” Bullock told Variety. “A person who enters the room with such integrity and joy for life that it inspires you to work harder at everything… because she is!” ”

According to KCBS, Ferrell and Spencer co-star in “Spirited,” an Apple TV+ musical comedy that retells the classic story “A Christmas Carol.”

According to the Times, a man on the street began loudly heckling the event as Ferrell began speaking.

The “Anchorman” star quickly silenced the heckler.

“Not on Octavia’s birthday!”

” Ferrell yelled. “Keep things moving. Maintain momentum. There’s a wax museum down there. That thing is completely open.”

Janney and Spencer met at a party in 1999 and worked together in “The Help.”

Janney told Variety, “I heard this infectious laughter rising above the crowd.” “That was Octavia.” She was holding court, telling stories about bad auditions, and making everyone, including herself, laugh! Her laugh was contagious, and her spirit was super warm and effervescent, and I knew I had to be friends with her. Everything was more enjoyable when Octavia was present.

“We became close friends as we shared our disappointments, dreams, and hopes.” We prayed for parts that never came, but her humor always lifted us above our disappointment.”

Spencer has also been in the movies Fruitvale Station, The Shack, Luce, Ma, The Witches, Halloween II, Smashed, Snowpiercer, Get on Up, Insurgent, Allegiant, Gifted, Instant Family, Coach Carter, Being John Malkovich, Bad Santa and Bad Santa 2 as well as “Onward.”