Mzee nakuomba msamaha – Atwoli receives an apology from Ruto


Mzee nakuomba msamaha – Atwoli receives an apology from Ruto; President William Ruto has apologized to Francis Atwoli, the secretary general of Cotu, for comments he made during the election campaigns.

The head of state claimed Atwoli had requested residents of his hometown to remove trees, but that was in the past when he spoke to the public on Thursday in Kakamega.

President Ruto urged the leaders of the Western region to join forces with him in fighting for the people of Kenya, adding that he had also pardoned anyone who had mistreated him during campaigns.

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In response, the man stated, “Unajua mzee Atwoli alikuwa ameambia watu wakate miti na vile vile kuna mahali kama kijana nilimkosea heshima. Mzee nakuomba msamaha. Na ile mambo yote ilisemwa kama kuna mtu

What it roughly translates to is

“I am asking for forgiveness for all the things spoken then, and if anyone offended me, I have forgiven. Let’s work together,” said Atooli, who had instructed people to cut down trees. “As a young person, I disrespected him.”

In the general elections on August 9, Atwoli supported ODM leader Raila Odinga’s candidacy.

He vigorously ranted against President Ruto all across the nation as well.