Executives from SpaceX, Tesla, and the Boring Company are assisting Elon Musk on Twitter.


Records show that executives from SpaceX, Tesla, and the Boring Company are assisting Elon Musk on Twitter. Elon Musk oversaw a $44 billion purchase of Twitter and took over as CEO in late October. Since then, he has hired senior managers and engineers from his other companies, including SpaceX, Tesla, and

and The Boring Firm, according to internal documents obtained by CNBC and talks with recent Twitter workers, to assist at the social media company.

Additionally, Musk has given participants in the Twitter buyout from financial firms access to jobs at the social media company.

It was only apparent how many hours each employee has put in at Twitter thus far or how much of their work might have been completed remotely as opposed to in the San Francisco headquarters or regional Twitter offices.

Investors are still worried about how Musk’s financial obligations, divided schedule, and contentious Twitter decisions may affect the automaker. Since he assumed control of Twitter on October 27, Tesla shares have fallen by nearly 25%.

More than 50 Tesla employees, primarily software engineers working on the Autopilot feature, were reportedly authorized to work for Musk at Twitter as soon as he assumed control and were still able to do so as of early December, according to internal documents obtained by CNBC. The names listed include individuals who have previously been covered by CNBC, as well as:

  • Silvio Brugada is the director of software engineering.
  • Rajasekar Jagannathan, director of infrastructure engineering and information security
  • DevOps senior manager Michael Outland
  • Andrew Ross, Director of Battery Manufacturing Engineering
  • Nagesh Saldi, chief information officer
  • RJ Sekator, project manager for Autopilot

In a Delaware court in November, lawyers questioned Elon Musk about his use of Tesla expertise at Twitter. The case and trial will be held to find out whether Tesla’s board followed the law when it gave Musk a big CEO pay deal back in 2018.

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Did anyone ever suggest that, as a publicly traded firm, it might not be a good idea to use those resources for your private company?

The work Tesla employees did for him at Twitter was “simply a voluntary thing,” according to Musk in his testimony. He also said: “This was an after-hours, just if you’re interested in reviewing the — helping me evaluate Twitter engineers, that would be wonderful. It was only temporary. I believe it persisted for a few days before coming to an end.

The statement from Musk further reads, “I didn’t see this as using Tesla assets, as I had asked only for a volunteer basis, and I did not specify any number of individuals. I’m not sure the exact number, but I doubt it was close to 50. It was a tiny number, nevertheless. To be clear, there are 120,000 employees at the corporation. Thus, this is de minimis.

According to a Tesla employee who spoke with CNBC, most Tesla workers would be grateful if asked to put in more time at one of Musk’s other businesses. But they said that the majority would also believe it was difficult to refuse a direct request from Musk without afterward receiving unfavorable performance assessments or suffering other repercussions. Because the company did not permit them to speak to the media, this person declined to give their identity.

Musk has hired executives and staff from SpaceX, the reusable rocket and satellite internet services firm he created in 2002, in addition to Tesla employees, to assist him at Twitter. Contracts with NASA and the U.S. government generate cash for SpaceX, a significant U.S. defense contractor. The Air Force

According to a current Twitter employee, from the beginning of November, Musk has been “flattening” the organizational structure at the company, resulting in many managers having more than 20 direct reports each. Before the Tesla CEO took control, the majority had closer to 10, giving them time for mentoring.

With the removal of the Birdhouse tool, Musk’s team has made it more difficult for staff to identify who is working on what projects within Twitter. Birdhouse served as an internal directory and organizational chart.

Requests for a response from Twitter and Musk’s other firms’ spokespeople were delayed.